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Kwanza Says: You Shouldn’t Care When Deciding What to Wear!

Kwanza Says: You Shouldn’t Care When Deciding What to Wear!

This week’s Questions 4 Kwanza comes from Dinah. She wants to know… “What do I do when I’m trying to put together a look?”  In this week’s video, I do a little “show and tell” about what to wear. Check out the video and see my tips and supercharged advice on clothing, fashion, wardrobe andContinue Reading

Kwanza Says: STOP HATE!

Kwanza Says: STOP HATE!

We’ve all been there. We’ve seen or heard things that we thought were downright wrong. Through Project “Time To Go,” I am bringing awareness to issues, attitudes and views whose time has passed. It’s time for an end to inequality. Stop Hate. Share this video and join me in letting haters know, it’s TIME TO GO!Continue Reading

Kwanza Says:  Get Off Your Butt and Fail!

Kwanza Says: Get Off Your Butt and Fail!

Too often we don’t do something because we’re concerned that we might fail. But what if failure is the secret ingredient that leads to success? In many ways it is. – Having to recover from failure can increase your competitive drive and your resilience… – Having faced failure you learn what hasn’t worked which leads to trying somethingContinue Reading

Kwanza Says:  Somebody Told You Wrong

Kwanza Says: Somebody Told You Wrong

Has someone ever told you… “You’re fat,” “You’re ugly,” “You’ll never be good enough,” “You’re worthless,” “No one will ever like you.” Or maybe they didn’t say those words exactly but what they said made you feel that way. In those moments, when you let their words sink in, something happens. You begin to loose a little bitContinue Reading

Kwanza Says:  In Your Dreams

Kwanza Says: In Your Dreams

Everyone has dreams. I’m not talking about the dreams that you have when you close your eyes and go to sleep. I’m talking about the dreams you have during your waking moments. The ones that move you to take on a new challenge or push you beyond your comfort zone. The ones that might even scare you aContinue Reading

Kwanza Says:  Words Matter

Kwanza Says: Words Matter

WORDS MATTER. Look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I am fearless, fabulous and capable of doing great things.” How does that make you feel? Now what if you were to change those words to “fearful, awful and incapable of doing anything great?” No doubt you would have a different perception of yourself. I was thinking about howContinue Reading