Kwanza Says: Somebody Told You Wrong

Has someone ever told you… “You’re fat,” “You’re ugly,” “You’ll never be good enough,” “You’re worthless,” “No one will ever like you.” Or maybe they didn’t say those words exactly but what they said made you feel that way.

In those moments, when you let their words sink in, something happensKwanza Jones says Somebody Told You WrongYou begin to loose a little bit of yourself and the thought of being exactly who you are just doesn’t seem to be enough.

Well, let me clear things up once and for all… SOMEBODY TOLD YOU WRONG!

What “somebody told you” is just that — something they told you. THEIR words, THEIR ideas, THEIR suggestions. They don’t belong to you unless you decide to take them. They are not real unless you choose to give them power.

If someone isn’t telling you words that uplift then choose not to listen. The choice is YOURS. You can choose to listen to what someone told you or you can choose to listen to yourself, follow your intuition and do whatever makes you happy.
Remember, the story you tell yourself about your life is what your life becomes.