Gun Reform. Something Needs to Be Done

Gun Reform 2

As of August 14th, 9,168 people have died by gunfire this year alone.

Are you fed up yet? I am.

Shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio have built momentum in the fight against gun violence. While supporters are pleading for our leaders to do something, we have to remember that there are politicians standing in the way of gun law reform. If action is going to be taken to reduce gun violence, it’s going to have to happen in the House and Senate.

Here are a few of my thoughts: 

  • Waiting periods are key. I do believe a waiting period is necessary in order to purchase a firearm. Call it a “cooling off” period.
  • Supporting organizations working to reduce gun violence can help educate you on how to help in an emotional crisis and other high-risk situations.
  • VOTE! If you truly care about gun reform, you have to do your homework! It is your right to live safe and your right to choose who is in charge. Make sure you are well informed on your choice of candidate in office, whether it’s local, state or national. 

9,168. 9,168 DEAD. I look at that number over and over and I am baffled. That’s not including the number of injuries or the overall number of people affected!

Thoughts and prayers do nothing. We must Do Something! Talking about “gun safety” is NOT a solution.

Please stop. 

Guns = violence

Whether handgun or automatic weapon, mass shooting or not.

Guns are produced to cause harm, inflict pain, hunt, maim… Kill.