Hello Loves,

As the CEO of a growing, dynamic and diverse company, I’m disturbed and outraged by the acts of violence, terrorism and hate (and the corresponding lack of appropriate response from the current holder of the title, but not the ideal representative, of our country).

One of our company’s passion projects is our “Project Stop Hate” campaign.

I have said it before, will continue to say it, and firmly believe that it is 100% within our power to stop hate.

Simply love yourself AND love others.

Such a simple concept but a difficult, though not impossible, goal to achieve.

I do not pay lip service to the concept; in my business and personal life, I take action.

I have consciously and intentionally strived to build a tremendously diverse and inclusive company by employing qualified people of various genders, ethnicities, ages, sexual orientations, education levels, and backgrounds.

I am extremely proud of my efforts and actions.

In many ways, our #StopHate song is the most important song I’ve ever created, and we need it now more than ever. The entire country needs it.

Whatever way you know how, I encourage you to spread the love.

Listen to the #StopHate SONG:

Or wear a hat – WE ARE GIVING AWAY 50 HATS FOR ONLY $1 (+shipping) – CLICK HERE!

Or think of other ways to speak the truth and be kind to one another right now, especially to people immediately surrounding you – even people you don’t always understand.

Our charge in life is simple:

Stop Hate, Spread Love – there’s nothing more beautiful than that.

Stay Supercharged,

Kwanza Jones

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