Ways to Promote Female Equality in the Workplace

Female Equality

It is no secret that many women are still being undermined in the workplace.  It is imperative that employers take action.

Looking to transform culture in your workplace? No problem! The important thing is that you SPEAK UP. Most organizational issues are not addressed simply because no one ever speaks up about it. As soon as you have identified the issue, address it to the people in the organization that have the power to reform those issues. 

Here are a few: 

  • Suggest more female leaders in the organization. Hiring more female leaders can shift culture in the workplace because there are more women in power making powerful decisions. 
  • Eliminate the Gender Wage Gap – This may be difficult to spot in your organization depending on your role, however, if this is an issue that is present in your workplace, it should certainly be addressed 
  • Zero Tolerance culture –  Incorporating a zero-tolerance policy for gender bias creates a healthy and positive working environment 
  • Encourage Healthy Practices – Oftentimes, women may feel uncomfortable requesting time to dedicate towards their health. To avoid this, suggest policies that can be put in place that encourage women to prioritize their health.