And the “Vicious” Rap Contest Winners are…

April 10th, 2012 | Time TBA Pacific Time

The “Collaborate with Kwanza Jones + Innovation Entertainment on a Track” rap contest on is officially over and like all contests, there must be a winner…or in this case, Three!

Congratulations to Big Rush, Denace, and Ray Sytes for winning a trip to Los Angeles to record their rap verses in the studio with Kwanza Jones! They will all be featured on Kwanza’s new song, “Vicious”.  Stay tuned for more information on this release and others.

Much respect also goes out to KflyG and Killa T for winning the “People’s Choice” votes. Together they had thousands of viewers behind them.

You can hear the winning verses below.



Ray Sytes

Click here to hear Ray Sytes’ verse!

People’s Choice:



Click here to hear Killa T’s verse!



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