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Well, get READY because I've got 2 action-inspiring podcasts that'll help you transform into a better YOU.

Get the energy boost you need to kick-start your day with The Kwanza Jones SUPERCHARGED® Wake Up Podcast.

Immerse yourself in inspiration with highlights from our exclusive events and captivating interviews of industry leaders through The I AM SUPERCHARGED® with Kwanza Jones Podcast.

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The KJ Wake Up Podcast

The Kwanza Jones SUPERCHARGED® Wake Up

Tune in to The World’s Most Energetic Wake Up Show. Waking up can be the hardest part of your day. This show is the antidote. Tell your coffee to move over. Kwanza Jones is here.

Each episode of the Kwanza Jones SUPERCHARGED Wake Up kick-starts your energy and power. Inspiring stories. Motivation music and speeches. Undeniable insights. Ready to rule the day? Join your charismatic host, Kwanza Jones, for the boost part of your day. (P.S. Kwanza laughs loudly, she shoots straight, and she’s going to make you a better human.) Let’s go.


I AM SUPERCHARGED with Kwanza Jones

Let’s talk about life. Let’s talk about achieving your goals. Get highlights from our exclusive events and draw inspiration from captivating interviews with industry leaders.

Let’s have ENERGY. Let’s have IMPACT. Let’s make something POWERFUL happen. It starts with you and me, here together.




Got Q's? I've got answers. Leave me a voice note to get it answered in an upcoming episode.


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