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Kwanza Jones is a catalyst… and an advisor, artist, investor, motivational speaker, and high-impact philanthropist. She lives by her personal motto: own your power, live your purpose, be of service.

Kwanza's life's work is to boost humans and humanity. She does this by creating culture, building community, and providing access to capital. Her tools… her mouth, her money, her motivation, her moves, her music… but most importantly, her MINDSET.

Kwanza is the co-founder and CEO of the Kwanza Jones & José E. Feliciano Initiative, a grantmaking and impact investment organization. She is also the founder of SUPERCHARGED by Kwanza Jones, your #1 source for self-improvement. Her membership community, content and app boosts your wealth, health, knowledge, and opportunities.

Kwanza is on a mission to boost a billion lives for the better, and she’s well on her way. Think of her as your billionaire #boostfriend.

With more than $165 million committed to founders, fund managers, educational institutions, and empowerment organizations, Kwanza’s got the receipts. She invests for impact: intentionally, but not exclusively, investing in POC and women.

Say hello to her inside the Kwanza Jones Boost Friends™. Built by POC and allies... for all.

Kwanza Jones is a catalyst. Her life’s work lives at the intersection of culture, community, and capital. Whether producing motivational media through her company SUPERCHARGED® by Kwanza Jones or sharing an action-inspiring message from the stage or in the boardroom, Jones uses her art and access to amplify voices and issues that may otherwise not be heard. (

Jones has many titles, including recording artist, leader, motivational speaker, consequential conversationalist, impact investor, and philanthropist. Ask her about them and she’ll tell you that she may have many titles but she only has one job — to boost humans and humanity. (

Jones, along with her life and business partner, founded the Kwanza Jones & José E. Feliciano Initiative (Jones•Feliciano), a philanthropic grant-making and investment organization that strategically partners with nonprofits and for-profits to ensure maximum impact. Jones•Feliciano focuses on four pillars - education, entrepreneurship, equity, and empowerment - as providing access to capital in these areas leads to greater and more equitable advances and societal progress. Jones•Feliciano has committed more than $200 million to these efforts. (

After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University, Jones furthered her education with a Master of Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University School of Law and a Juris Doctor from Cardozo School of Law. She has taught cross-cultural negotiation as an adjunct professor at New York University and served as a court-appointed mediator for the New York City Civil Court.

Jones has held leadership roles as a board member and advisor to numerous companies and nonprofits, including Apollo Theater, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center, and Bennett College. As an accomplished recording artist, Jones has had multiple chart-topping hits, including reaching the top 10 on the Billboard music charts.

With a multifaceted background spanning music, media, production, law, business, and philanthropy, some say Jones is a Renaissance woman, others call her a Boss. For Kwanza, the title does not matter, the work does. She has been able to merge her three parallel pursuits of creating, investing, and powering transformative change, all while shaking up the status quo of what a career should be.


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