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More Now Than Ever

More Now Than Ever (feat. Nala)

A powerful anthem of resilience and strength in times of uncertainty and crisis.

Queen Moves Only

Queen Moves Only (Mother's Day Mix)

Mothers are the ultimate Queen of our lives. This song celebrates their strength and beauty.


Problem - A Public Service Announcement

A PSA on disparities in minority communities and call for change and justice for all.

Summer Forever

Summer Forever

The visuals for this music video encapsulates the feeling that summer vibes bring.

Blah Zeh Blah

Blah Zey Blah

A music video for “Blah Zey Blah,” calling out the rampant misogyny in our society.


SUPERCHARGED by Kwanza Jones

Official music video of the billboard charting song "Supercharged" by Kwanza Jones.

Get Out

Get Out (featuring JayJ and Matty)

A song that speaks truth to power, calling out political and social intolerance.

We Buildin

We Buildin' Lyric Video

A music video celebrating the possibilities of prosperity and diversity in America.

Boosted On The Rooftop

Boosted On The Rooftop (Holiday Party Mix)

It’s the holiday season! Lets get BOOSTED on the rooftop and party all day.

Christmas With Friends

Christmas With Friends Music Video

Holiday happiness starts here as we celebrate with Boost Friends™ and loved ones!


Move Like It's Christmas

Spreading that Christmas cheer with Kwanza Jones’ first ever holiday single release.



High-energy music video reminding you that you can win no matter the challenges.


VICIOUS (Radio Edit)

A dance music video that empowers you to be more than fierce. Be VICIOUS!

Turn It Up

Turn It Up

Watch the official music video for the top 10 billboard charting song, "Turn It Up."

Time To Go

Time To Go

A billboard charting song that motivates you to take action whenever it's time to go.

Made You Look

Made You Look (feat. Pollo Del Mar)

A fun bonus track from the SUPERCHARGED album highlighting the beauty of diversity.

Everything Around You

Everything Around You

When everything around you just reminds you of that ONE unforgettable love.

Think Again

Think Again

A Billboard Dance/Club charting hit song and an anthem for the underestimated.

Not A Break Up Song

Not A Breakup Song

A non-traditional wakeup song that will empower you through your healing process.