Kwanza Jones brought a SUPERCHARGED performance to arena football on Saturday night with her two half-time performances at the double-header LFL Conference Playoffs. In case you didn't know, The Legends Football League (LFL) is an international women’s pro-football league with teams all over the U.S.,Canada, and Australia. The playoffs took place at the Citizens Bank Arena in Ontario, CA.

In between the intense matches from these vicious ladies, Kwanza hit the field to perform her two latest singles, "SUPERCHARGED" and "Vicious". Along with her dancers, the gorgeous Dance/Pop diva was joined by two honorary guests from the LA Temptations who turned it up on the field. The Dance music diva also had fun giveaways for selected fans. Many fans even stayed until the very end to get a chance to meet and snap a few photos with Kwanza as she autographed everyone's Supercharged Statement poster.

Congrats to the winning teams that will move on to the finals: Chicago Bliss and Philadelphia Passion! All of the LFL players are perfect examples of empowered women that are following their dreams and doing what they love. Regardless of your gender, you should always follow your passion. Let these women be a huge inspiration, and remember...


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