November 15th, 2020 | 12:00 PM Virtual | Pacific Time

Oooo and Weee, 2020 feels like one big never-ending rollercoaster full of challenges! But, I believe there is ALWAYS something to learn from every single obstacle that we’re faced with. Every year, I connect with my friends at the SUPERCHARGED Summit so we can share our challenges and prepare our next moves.

2020 challenges: social injustice/wildfires/police brutality/a life-threatening pandemic/WAY too many to count

2020 lessons: We need each other. CONNECTION matters.

I always say, “no one succeeds alone… sometimes you need a boost.”

We need joy, we need laughter, we need inspiration, we need support, we need connection.

So, at this year’s SUPERCHARGED Summit, we’re going to celebrate. We’re bringing energy, inspiration and connection. We’re bringing  love and laughter and hope. Together, you and me and my SUPERCHARGED community of Boost Friends™

I’m inviting you to join me at the 3rd Annual SUPERCHARGED Summit on Sunday, November 15th. It’s the perfect time to celebrate your wins of 2020–no matter how big or small–and build your action plan for 2021.

Can’t wait to see you there. Let’s boost your energy, connections, possibilities, and opportunities… together.

Bye for now,

Registration is opening soon, click the link below to sign up to get notified.