The SUPERCHARGED Virtual Summit 2021

Sunday, November 14th, 2021 | 12:00 PM

Zoom | Pacific Time

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s not about being the fastest, it's about igniting that SUPERCHARGED® Life! It starts with you and it keeps you going. 2020 forced us to take a pause and, while it may have slowed us down, now is the time to ramp it up. It's time to reset, recharge and rally.

Are you ready to level up? Then take action and register for the 4th annual SUPERCHARGED® Summit by Kwanza Jones.

The SUPERCHARGED® Summit is a high-impact, high-energy experience, hosted by Kwanza Jones every year to help people boost their personal and professional lives.

The event will be virtual and hosted inside of our exclusive, yet inclusive online networking platform, the Kwanza Jones Boost Friends™ community.

Oh! And did we mention that it's FREE?

This is an experience you don't want to miss!

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