Get out

Bye Trump. Bye Hate. Bye Negativity.
We’re leaving it all behind on Inauguration Day.
Read below to learn how you can join the #GetOut movement.



Follow the 3 steps below and submit your videos to be featured.

Step 1


Record a video of yourself pointing

  • Pick an area with great lighting
  • Avoid wearing any logos
  • Point to either the left or right. Insinuating for someone to "Get Out".

Step 2

inauguration day

Lip sync to the chorus (optional)

  • Click here for the sing-a-long video
  • Avoid wearing any logos
  • Pick an area with great lighting.
  • Have fun! Dance. Be creative.

Step 3

inauguration day

Click here to submit your videos.

  • Don't forget to provide your Instagram handle when you submit your video.
  • We'll tag you in the final music video when we post it!

The submission period will be open until Thursday 01/07/21 and we will release the full music video the following week!

sing along

Sing along

Here is a snippet of the chorus for you to sing a long to

submit your videos

Submit your videos

Get out Track

Get out Track

Listen to the full track here 👇