how to set goals and achieve them

When was the last time you did this?

How has the year been for you? Is it going as planned? When was the last time you checked in with yourself? 

Have you achieved any of the goals you set since the beginning of the year, or are you having trouble hitting the milestones? 

When setting goals, I use this simplified goal-setting worksheet to keep me focused and aligned with the things that are important to me. If you’re beginning to feel like your goal is out of reach, then listen to this.

Life is all about taking action. So I hope you’ve received the energy you need to take the action that will lead you closer to your goals. 

You can start by taking small consistent daily actions like I did last month. For this Kwanza Jones Chronicles, here are some of my actions and highlights from last month.

  • Being the boss of yourself is so critical that it impacts what you do as a person. Recently, I was featured in the Walker’s Legacy “Ask A Boss” podcast series and we had a fireside chat about what it means to be a boss. It was an engaging conversation and is now live on YouTube. How do I define a boss? You can watch the entire conversation on their YouTube channel.
  • It is my life’s work to boost humanity to be better. You’ve probably seen me doing this through media, motivation, and music. But did you also know that I boost humanity through investments? When I invest, I think about diversity and inclusion as well as access to capital for the underrepresented. That’s why I invest in companies like Stillmark, a Bitcoin-focused venture capital firm founded by Alyse Killeen. She is one of the few female general partners in venture capital. By supporting her, we are creating equity and access by increasing the ratio of female VCs in the space and providing opportunities for them to access capital. 
  • The pandemic worsened the pre-existing inequities and widened the opportunity gap for students from low income families in Los Angeles. The only way to keep growing is to keep learning. No child should ever have limited opportunities to learn AND grow. That is why I co-founded LA Tech Cares in 2020. This year, we are partnering with 9 Dots to provide K-6 students access to a rigorous, transformative Computer Science Education, no matter their demographic or socioeconomic status. The goal is to raise $300,000 to support 5,250 students in Title I schools across the Los Angeles area. I always say no one succeeds alone. We all need a boost sometimes. So help us make this a reality by making a donation.
  • July 4th was Independence Day. With the basic rights of women taken away, I did not feel free. Removing a woman’s right to make choices about their own body, life, and future does not feel like independence to me. That’s why I decided to match every dollar that is donated to WRRAP up to $20,000. If you, like me, didn’t feel free on independence day, check out this article published by my team on how we celebrated independence day
  • Given all that is going on in the country right now, I just want you to know that we are not powerless. Your voice has power and so does your vote. Now, more than ever, we have to vote. We have to educate ourselves. We have to take action and support candidates who will preserve our rights. Listen. Voting is making Queen Moves Only. The only way forward is by taking action. My team and I created a playlist to elevate the Queens who have inspired me to fight for our rights and not sit idle. Listen to it for some extra energy and confidence boost. 

Earlier, I asked if you’ve achieved any of the goals you set for yourself since the beginning of the year. Whether you answered yes or no, the fact is, we all should check in with ourselves regularly to reflect on both our wins and challenges, then adjust accordingly. Goals are like guideposts. Sometimes we have to reimagine our goals to discover new growth opportunities. But what’s more is that we don’t have to do it alone.

It’s important to have people in our circle who hold us accountable and encourage us to take action on our goals. I call them Boost Friends™.

I created the Kwanza Jones Boost Friends Community where we create shared experiences so we can connect casually, create bonds, and continuously improve. I connect energy with action through weekly boosts, accountability check ins, and so much more! If you’re already a member, sign in, or go here to learn more and apply to become a member.

Be good to yourself today and everyday because YOU matter.

Who loves you? I do. 

Bye for now,

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Upcoming: It has been a tough year. Since the start of 2022, it’s been one thing after another. From the war in Ukraine to the continuous mass shootings in the United States, it feels like we’re all just trying to keep our heads above water. My team and I have been working on something to offer hope and strength in this time of uncertainty and crisis. I can’t wait to share it with you.

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