Introducing the Kwanza Jones SUPERCHARGED Wake Up

Waking up can be the hardest part of your day. This show is the antidote.



Are you ready to rule the day? Do you want to wake up winning? Then tune in to the Kwanza Jones SUPERCHARGED Wake Up to boost your energy and increase productivity. Tell your coffee to move over, because Kwanza Jones is here!


Introducing The Kwanza Jones SUPERCHARGED® Wake Up Podcast. Waking up your life, waking up your day, waking you up to power and possibilities.

Are you ready to rule the day? Do you want to wake up winning? Then tune in to the podcast. Check out these notes for the show:

One thing I know is, it does not matter how often you hit that snooze button. When you have to wake up, it can be a really, really, really, really, really hard thing to do. Well, I'm Kwanza Jones and you are about to listen to the Kwanza Jones SUPERCHARGED Wake Up.

You know why I'm so excited? Because, you are about to tune in to the world's most energetic Wake Up Show. But, it's not here just yet. Episodes will be dropping soon.

I created this podcast because waking up can be the hardest part of your day. And this show, it's the antidote. So tell your coffee to move over because Kwanza Jones is here. And I'm here to wake you up to new possibilities and new opportunities.

Each episode of The Kwanza Jones SUPERCHARGED Wake Up is going to kickstart your energy and your power.

✔️ Inspiring stories, check.
✔️ Challenges, check.
✔️ Motivation, check.
✔️ Talks, check.
✔️ Songs, check.
✔️ Sing-alongs, check.
✔️ Scenarios, check.

Situations, okay, I gotta check that but, it was a little too long to say the situation.

So, here's the question I've got for you.

Are you ready to rule the day?

Do you want to wake up winning?

Then you need to join me, Kwanza Jones, for the best, nah, for the boost part of your day.

What can I say? Boostin’ ain't easy, but it's something that I've got to do.

So join me.

I laugh loudly, I shoot straight and I'm gonna make you a better human. Let's go!

Make sure you tune in, download, follow, listen, wherever you get your favorite podcast.

Who loves you?

I do.

Bye for now.

[00:00] Introducing Episode 0

[00:53] Why I created the Kwanza Jones Wake Up

[01:11] Why you should not miss out on any of the episodes


  • How to kick-start your day with more energy and power.
  • How to increase productivity.
  • How to become more accountable.
  • How to build billionaire habits and routines.
  • How to increase positivity.
  • How to stay committed to your goals.



Got Q's? I've got answers. Leave me a voice note to get it answered in an upcoming episode.


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