7 Days of Kwanza – Day 5: Set Your Intention

By Kwanza Jones

set your intention

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Day 5: Set Your Intention

You’ve made it to Day 5 of my #7DaysofKwanza challenge! Today I want you to commit to setting your intention.

Goal setting is focused on the future, while setting your intention is focused on the present.

So, instead of simply setting a “goal,” I want you to go one step further and ask yourself, “what do I intend to do?”

I believe that setting your intention is stronger because it forces you to focus on the present action you will take. By the time you say “I intend to,” you’ve already committed to doing it.

Here’s the challenge for today:

Step 1: Break Down Large Goals

If you already have one large goal in mind, start by breaking that down into smaller, more achievable ones.

Step 2: Set Your Intention

Now, choose one small goal and set your intention to complete it tomorrow. No excuses. The power in taking small, progressive action is that it compounds into the larger goal.

One intention I had recently was to make people happier this holiday season. It’s one of the reasons I decided to kick off this challenge. It’s also why I released my Holiday EP, “A SUPERCHARGED Christmas by Kwanza Jones.” Check it out here.

Step 3: Commit To It

Wouldn't it be nice if your goals or intentions accomplished themselves on their own? It would, but unfortunately...they don't! You have to make the commitment and take action in order to see true results.

I’ve committed to helping people find ways to stay virtually connected while we have to stay physically apart. I intend to do that by making a music video for my Holiday track “Christmas with Friends” and am relying on my community of Boost Friends to help make it happen.

So, if you were looking for a way to set your intention and take action, then commit to participating in the #ChristmasWithFriends challenge.

This is the last day I’ll be able to take submissions, so visit sprchrg.me/xmasfriends to submit your video.

I’ll share the final video next week so be on the lookout!


5 Down, 2 To Go!

Only 2 days left of my #7DaysofKwanza challenge. I hope you've enjoyed it so far. I know I have.

Ready for Day 6? Click here.

Until then...

Bye for now,

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