Celebrating 1820: An Open Love Letter to Kwanza Jones

By Team Kwanza Jones

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Dear Kwanza,

We stand in awe as we celebrate the top-off ceremony of the new building at 1820 Broadway, Santa Monica, with you and José. This milestone represents not just the culmination of seven years of hard work, but also a testament to your unwavering dedication, vision, and relentless pursuit to boost humanity.

From the beginning, this project was no easy feat. It was a journey marked by countless hurdles, from navigating the intricacies of the Architectural Review Board to the arduous process of securing a conditional use permit. Your resilience through every challenge, even in the face of the unexpected delays caused by the pandemic is awe-inspiring.

Kwanza, you didn’t need to go through any of this. You chose this path not for yourself, but for us, your teamily, and for the countless lives you aim to impact. The benefit it will bring to us and to the broader community is immeasurable. Your goal to boost a billion lives through culture, community, and capital is now closer to reality, embodied in the very walls of this building.

Even during the construction phase, your focus on boosting humanity never wavered. You didn’t just hire anyone to help build this space; you meticulously selected companies that exemplify DEI principles and treat their employees with respect. By choosing diverse and minority-owned businesses, you created opportunities for people of color and supported small enterprises in ways that go beyond mere transactions. You built relationships, forged networks, and laid the foundation for future collaborations.

Our new home at 1820 Broadway is more than just an office. It’s a space designed with intention and care to foster creativity, collaboration, and connection. You envisioned a workplace where everyone feels comfortable, open, and connected. The open spaces, desks, and workstations reflect your commitment to a dynamic and inclusive work environment. By eliminating personal offices, you’ve ensured that we constantly move, connect, and share energy, fostering a culture of collaboration. It’s mind-blowing just thinking about the fact that you have no personal office space in the building.

Kwanza, your actions speak louder than words. You have shown us what it means to lead fearlessly, with integrity, to fight for what is right, and to envision a future that benefits all. This building is not just a testament to your leadership, but also a beacon of hope and possibility for everyone who steps through its doors.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment, for your belief in us, and for the incredible journey you’ve led us on. Here’s to 1820 Broadway and the countless stories we will tell within its walls. Here’s to boosting a billion lives and powering possibilities.

With deepest gratitude and admiration,

Your Teamily

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