Don’t Just Set Goals – ACHIEVE THEM. Here’s how…

By Team Kwanza Jones

achieve your goals

Hey Boost Friend™!

Own your power, live your purpose, be of service. In the Kwanzaverse this is more than just our motto. It’s a lifestyle. It’s an expression of gratitude. It’s a purpose-driven goal.

As we look forward and do our best to plan for what the year has ahead of us, we would like to ask you all, what goals have you set for yourselves this year? In fact, did you know that each year, 80% of people don’t actually go through with the goals that they set?

As Kwanza’s goal is to boost a billion lives, it is our duty as part of #TeamKwanza to support her and YOU in your goals.

So get SUPERCHARGED® because we have something for you! Ever heard of the Billionaire Blueprint? It is a goal-setting worksheet that our fearless leader made available for all of our boost friends who need a little help strategizing on how to achieve their goals. We are here to impact change and it’s all about the E for us. E as in EXCELLENCE because that is what we stand for and that is what we want to help you strive for.

Being your boost friend means helping you constantly become better and better every year. 2023 is no exception. With the Billionaire Blueprint, you will be able to better connect with yourself and create that level-up mindset plan to move forward throughout the year.

A SUPERCHARGED life starts with taking action. So what's stopping you from living your BOOST life?

Here's step 1: download the SUPERCHARGED by Kwanza Jones Billionaire Blueprint. Use it to carefully plan out your year and set your goals.

Focus on what you love to do, what you're good at, and areas that need improvement. Don't just set goals - ACHIEVE them!

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