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By Kwanza Jones

Kwanza Jones Supercharged Album

The SUPERCHARGED album is now available on iTunes! The album includes the Billboard charting singles, "Think Again", "Time To Go", and "SUPERCHARGED". That's not all! The SUPERCHARGED Deluxe Edition is an iTunes exclusive and will feature two bonus tracks, including "Made U Look" and "Think Again (Alex Cohen Big Room Remix)". "Made U Look" is a collaboration between Kwanza Jones and Bay Area Glamazon, Pollo Del Mar. Stay tuned to the Kwanza Jones YouTube Channel, because a video for that track will be out soon!

You can also be one of the firsts to hear the upcoming single, "Vicious". The album version features Big Rush, Ray Sytes, and Denace. All three were winners of the Vicious Rap Contest held on Ray Sytes is also featured on "Clockwork", which you can hear on the album, as well.

Get your copy of the SUPERCHARGED album by clicking here.

As an extra bonus for fans, and in celebration of the SUPERCHARGED album release, Kwanza Jones is doing a giveaway! The first 50 people to e-mail her at with a screenshot of their album purchase gets a free autographed poster! (S&H not included)

Get SUPERCHARGED Gladiators!

Happy Listening!

Watch the "Supercharged" music video below!

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