How to Speak Your Truth

By Team Kwanza Jones

speak your truth

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Have you ever met someone who’s able to confidently share their needs, convictions, and boundaries with those around them, whether family, friends, or others in their community? That’s what it means to speak your truth.

Sometimes, it can leave you feeling vulnerable or anxious. But that’s okay. It just means you’re human. There are many people who are afraid to share their truth, even with themselves. But you’ve got to understand that without it, you cannot become your best boost self. It is something truly powerful, yet difficult to do.

So, let’s look at four things you can do to help you build confidence and speak your truth.

1. Build a Foundation of Learning and Growth

What is your truth? Why do you believe it to be your truth? In order to be able to speak your truth confidently, you need to continuously learn and grow. The more knowledge and understanding you have, the more confident you'll become. When you're more knowledgeable in subjects related to your truth, it becomes easier to speak your truth and defend it with confidence.

Spend time doing what you love without the influence of anyone else. Discover your inner passion and find the causes you believe in. Constantly learning helps you know and love yourself more each day. This will help you build a solid foundation of confidence so you are always ready to speak your truth.

2. Trust Yourself

Do you trust yourself? Do you trust that you can make good decisions? If you’ve built that foundation of learning and growth, then you should trust that you can make good decisions based on the things you’re constantly learning.

As long as you continue to learn and be true to yourself, you will be able to speak your truth and overcome the fear of judgment you constantly get from the people around you. Stay true to yourself and don’t let other people’s expectations of you stop you from living and speaking your truth.

Trusting yourself not only makes you more confident, but it also makes others trust you more. They can see the power within and respect you for speaking your truth.

A great song that can help give you the confidence you need to stay true to yourself instead of others’ expectations is “On the Way Up.” This song shares a powerful message about rising above what other people think to reach your full potential.

3. Build a Circle of Strength

Our leader, Kwanza Jones, always says, “No one succeeds alone. Sometimes you need a boost!” If you want to live your boost life and be able to speak your truth, you need to build a circle of strength.

Trusting yourself and building confidence starts with you. But you need people who can support you, keep you accountable, motivate you, and help you stay true to yourself and your goals.

Your circle can remind you of your commitments and goals as you practice speaking and living your truth. This will accelerate your learning and make it easier for you to speak your truth to others outside of your circle.

4. Spring Clean Your Life

Apart from building a circle of strength, you need to look at the people in your life. Not everyone is for you. Who are the people that truly have you? And it’s not based on what they say, it’s based on what they do.

Remember, you have the power to choose whom you keep in your life. If you want to speak AND live your truth, you need to make sure that the people in your life are not toxic. Avoid people who are haters, doubters, or those who force their expectations on you without regarding how you feel or what you want. You don’t want to take advice from people who will weaponize whatever you tell them and use it against you. You also don’t want to speak your truth to people who don’t really care about your success or happiness.

Spring cleaning your life can be a long and difficult process, but it’s important if you want to speak your truth and become the best version of YOU.

Need more motivation to help you get started on spring cleaning your life? Listen to this song “Glow Up.” It has powerful lyrics that can empower you to ignore what the doubters or the world have to say and push forward to accomplish your goals.

Speak Your Truth and Add Power to Your Life

Build a solid foundation by continually learning, trusting yourself to make the right choices for yourself, building a circle of strength, and getting rid of toxic people who weigh you down. By recognizing the truth within yourself and sharing it with others, you will be able to ignite your life and become the best version of yourself. We call it “Living the SUPERCHARGED® life.”

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