Kwanza’s Holiday Playlist: Christmas Songs to Boost Up Your Holiday

By Kwanza Jones

kwanza holiday playlist

With all this social distancing and mask-wearing, I KNOW we are all craving some REAL Christmas cheer that's going to raise the rooftop this year!

As you already know, I like to live this life SUPERCHARGED to the max; in other words, at my highest level of feel-good energy. For me, few things do that better than movement and music...especially during this time of year.

If you're ready to boost your mood and holiday spirit, then check out my Ultimate SUPERCHARGED Holiday Party Playlist. We ALL love that feeling when (or TFW, for short) holiday cheer has us dancing, smiling, and singing-a-long!

1) Christmas with Friends - Kwanza Jones featuring JayJ

Play for TFW: You want some heartfelt togetherness, even with social distancing!

Why I love it: For me, friendship and togetherness go far beyond the Holiday season. I always say that no one succeeds alone, and I truly mean that. So I wrote this song to embody that strong sense of community, which is more important now than ever before.

P.S. If your support system has been feeling a little weak lately, don't sweat it! Consider this your official invite to be one of my SUPERCHARGED Boost Friends. It's that kind of friendship circle you've always wanted - full of smart, talented entrepreneurs, and mentors who are eager to boost you up with wayyyyy more than just holiday cheer 24/7!

My favorite lyric: "Spending Christmas with friends / Where you can be yourself ain't no need to pretend / Cuz we just here to celebrate, ain't no hate / A Boost Friend party is always great!”

2) Santa's Coming for Us - Sia

Play for TFW: You just need to chill out with some eggnog and Christmas cheer.

Why I love it: Sia's got a way of putting her own flair and style into everything she does. This smooth pop Christmas jam, (her whole Christmas album really) has got a unique move-your-feet-to-the-beat energy!

My favorite lyric: “Sing your heart out with all of your love”

3) Across The World - Kwanza Jones featuring Lina

Play for TFW: You need to remember what Christmas is really all about.

Why I love it: This year I feel like it's more important than EVER to spread wholehearted love and cheer. 2020 has given us so many reasons to remember why gifts aren't the most important part of the holiday season. So this seemed like the perfect opportunity to write a song about what this magical time of year is REALLY about: spreading love and cheer to ALL no matter what you look like, where you are, or what you celebrate.

My favorite lyric: “I can feel it in the air / People smiling ear to ear / It don't matter ‘bout the gifts you give / Everybody got the same old wish / Fill the world with love and care”

4) Santa Tell Me - Ariana Grande

Play for TFW: You want to snuggle up with some hot cocoa and that special someone.

Why I love it: You already know that there's something special about Ari's voice that makes it impossible to do anything but smile and sing along. Mix those vocal pipes with some Christmas cheer and YOU KNOW I'm on board! So grab someone you love, whether that's your significant other , family, friend, or even yourself, and start jamming out to this top-charting Christmas song!

My favorite lyric: “Now I need someone to hold / Be my fire in the cold”

5) Boosted on the Rooftop - Kwanza Jones

Play for TFW: You just want to celebrate!

Why I love it: Even though 2020 has been full of reasons to feel down, I firmly believe that there’s still a lot to celebrate! I wrote this Christmas song to remind us that despite the challenges, we can still be grateful, smile, come together (even if it's just virtually), and boost eachother up!

My favorite lyric: “Let's get boosted on the rooftop, all night long, / All my friends lift your voices and sing this song, / Let's celebrate the holiday with gratitude, / Cuz gettin' boosted on the rooftop, feels so good.”

6) Mistletoe - Justin Bieber

Play for TFW: You’re feeling cozy & nostalgic.

Why I love it: Few things are more adorable than baby Bieber and his pop classics. I love how this holiday song reminds us of the importance of being together during the holiday season, while still being a hit.

My favorite lyric: “I don't wanna miss out on the holiday / I can't stop starin' at your face / I should be playin' in the winter snow / I'ma be under the mistletoe”

7) Christmas Feeling - Kwanza Jones featuring Matty

Play for TFW: You want to break it down Christmas-style!

Why I love it: When I was putting together my Christmas songs this year, I knew I couldn't just do all pop; I needed a single with a HARD beat... and that's exactly what Matty and I did in this track. The lyrics are a perfect 2020 reminder that it's ok to still have Christmas cheer this year and to dance around a little bit too!

My favorite lyric: “Well this years been a little bit different / But it's still the season / Well this time it's a little bit different / But we still got the Christmas feeling”

8) All I Want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey

Play for TFW: You need to jam out to a CLASSIC.

Why I love it: I mean...does this song need ANY introduction? Cuz when we're talking about Mariah Carey, we're talking about the Queen of Christmas pop after all! So put on your favorite Christmas jammies, fuzzy socks, and Santa hat, and get dancing before it's mid-January and too out of season to keep jamming out to this Christmas classic!

My favorite lyric: “I just want you for my own (ooh) / More than you could ever know (ooh) / Make my wish come true / All I want for Christmas is you (you, baby)”

9) Joy to the World - Aretha Franklin

Play for TFW: You need a little Christmas soul.

Why I love it: Ok, speaking of Queens, we can't end this list without mentioning the OG, am I right? So if you need a little pop of soul in your Christmas playlist, then this track better be your go-to!

My favorite lyric: “Joy to the world, now we sing / Let the earth receive her king / Joy to the world, now we sing / Let the angel voices ring”

10) Move Like It's Christmas - Kwanza Jones

Play for TFW: You've GOT TO bust out a Holiday move!

Why I love it: I’m always feeling that SUPERCHARGED energy and love to dance, especially during the holiday season. Plus, this was the very first Christmas song that I wrote and recorded, so it holds a special place in my heart.

My favorite lyric: “During this holiday season / We'd like to encourage you to be / Happy like Hanukkah / Merry like Christmas / Jolly like Old Saint Nick / Frosty like the Snowman / and SUPERCHARGED like Kwanza”

Now that you know what I'm listening to this holiday season, remember: "It's bigger than music."

What do I mean by that? These songs are so much MORE than just music. They're tracks meant to boost your mood so you can boost your growth and boost your life! And if that's something you're up for, then make sure your boosting doesn't stop there. In fact, we've even got more Christmas songs and holiday playlists for you to make sure you stay boosted all season long!

Listen to my full Holiday EP titled, “A SUPERCHARGED by Kwanza Jones Christmas” on Spotify now.

And speaking of staying boosted, I know that sometimes music isn't enough. Sometimes you need a little bit more encouragement to keep that good energy high and that’s okay!

We all need each other to succeed and grow whether that's during the holiday season, a pandemic, or any other day. So, to set yourself up for success in 2021, make sure you're always surrounded by people who support you no matter what.

And where are you going to find those people exactly?

In our Boost Friends community—the only place you'll find a group of people with the same desire to grow and succeed as you do. Just consider this my holiday gift to you—a personal invitation if you will. Check it out here.

During a pandemic-ridden holiday season, there's no better time to be connected with positive people than RIGHT NOW.

Who loves you? I do!

Keep those holiday hits on rotation and stay boosted all the way until 2021!

Bye for now,

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