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Hard to believe it’s mid-December. How was your Thanksgiving holiday? Did you do something you love? Spend time with family or friends? Eat something you enjoyed? Express gratitude?

I did all of those things… plus I spent time off-roading in an ATV by the Sea of Cortez, and I released new music.

I believe there are no secrets to happiness and success, just knowledge that isn’t shared. That’s why I love sharing helpful “how-to” tips and stories about my experiences. Think of this news + letter as an inside look into my world a.k.a. The Kwanza Jones Chronicles.

This time, I have 3 things for you — a playlist, a patch, and a pitch.


Now, about that new music I mentioned earlier… you can check out my New Music Releases playlist to get a boost of inspiration, motivation, energy and power with the newest songs from me and SUPERCHARGED by Kwanza Jones.

And, given the season, you might enjoy the festive tunes on my Holiday Music Playlist.


Although I had a blast off-roading, there was an unexpected side effect… oh crap!


I hit a few patches of manure #bewareofcowsintheroad and it quite literally seemed as if the sh*t hit the fan.

It made me think about life. Sometimes there are crappy situations and there’s no way around it; you just have to go through it.

When that happens, if you understand What’s Your Motivation it can help you persevere.


One thing that motivates me is boosting others. That’s one of the reasons I host an annual summit and started the SUPERCHARGED Boost Friends Community.

Sometimes it’s an energy boost that can help you wake up. — let me introduce you to the Kwanza Jones SUPERCHARGED Wake Up for Increased Energy, Power & Productivity.

Sometimes it’s a boost of access and opportunities — like the Kwanza Jones & José E. Feliciano SUPERCHARGED Internship Program.

Sometimes it’s a money boost to support and invest in organizations that align with the four pillars of the Kwanza Jones & José E. Feliciano SUPERCHARGED Initiative — education, entrepreneurship, equity, empowerment.

At this year’s 4th Annual SUPERCHARGED Summit by Kwanza Jones, instead of the Entrepreneurs Pitch Competition, I introduced the Power in Participation Prize. José and I committed $50,000 to support organizations that matter to our Boost Friends. We had five breakout rooms where Summit participants and Boost Friend community members recommended organizations that are doing great work. Stay tuned in the Boost Friend app. I’ll be announcing soon which five organizations will each receive a $10,000 boost before the end of the year.

You know I always say, no one succeeds alone, sometimes you need a boost. So thank you for being a boost friend. Connection matters. Remember, life is about the experiences you share and the people you share them with.

Bye for now,

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