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January’s almost over. Ready, set, go… SLOW?

Hey love,

I feel like I blinked and suddenly January’s over. In some ways 2022 just got here but it already feels like so much time has passed. Actually, the past 2 years have felt the same… time just flew by.

I recently read an article about things people did pre-Covid that they wouldn’t do now, like blowing out candles on a birthday cake. It made me think about things I did pre-pandemic that I can’t wait to get back to, like partnering in person with organizations that help empower others. Beyond creating music, motivational media, and impact investing… spreading energy is another way I give a boost.

Pre-pandemic, my SUPERCHARGED team and I partnered with Girls Inc. to help give girls a confidence boost.

how to plan your month

Did you know that between the ages of 12 – 14 the average girl is less confident than the average boy, even if they are outperforming boys academically? This confidence plunge often follows girls into adulthood.

Just like we gave the girls a boost, in this Kwanza Jones Chronicles, I have 3 boosts for you: a mindset boost, a motivation boost, and a movement boost.


Remember when I said it’s hard to believe January 2022 is over, especially because it just got here.

To be honest, it has me thinking, how the f*ck can I be at the beginning of the year but feel so behind?

I’m blaming it on a four-letter list. You know, the one that seems never-ending at times…I’m talking about these four letters: TO DO

Well, have you ever had a To Do List, and then your list had lists?

Your annual to do turned into quarterly to dos, your quarterly turned into monthly, then weekly, then daily. Not to mention, you probably have a life, travel, or bucket list to do too.

So you’ve got all these lists, and you want to do all the things, and your to do list is running your life, and it sorta kinda feels like this ↓↓↓

plan your month you cant do it all

I can completely relate.

Here’s what I’ve learned. There is power in going SLOW, even if only for a moment.

So, how do you go slow?

Here’s a quick Kwanza Jones Mindset Boost: When your world, your mind, or your day seems to be spinning, you can close your eyes, inhale deeply then exhale slowly. And, just like that, you can turn things around. You can shift your mindset and perspective. You can give yourself a BOOST in the midst of the busyness. Try it now. I’ll talk you through it.


Motivation is important because it helps you increase your effort and your action. But, with this seemingly never-ending Covid-19 pandemic, staying motivated can feel like a struggle.

Here’s a tip, move to get motivated.

And by move I mean, shake, spin, twirl, walk, run, dance, jump, tap your toes, clap… just do something, anything, physically active.

Just like gas or battery powers your car, or food fuels your body, we live in a state of constantly having to recharge, refuel, re-energize. Being physically active is one way to boost yourself. It helps you feel more mentally engaged and energized. Which in turn helps with your motivation.

So, here’s a quick movement boost to keep you motivated and moving. It’s to my song Clockwork

how to plan your month and get boosted

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Bye for now,

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