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You should do this every day. Here’s why…

I’ve got a question for you. How are you doing? That’s a question you should ask yourself regularly. You’ve had four months to work toward your new year goals. So tell me, how much progress have you made? Sometimes we spend too much time planning out all of the angles or waiting for the perfect time to start. Just start! Small steps consistently lead to big wins. To help you get started, I’ll be sharing mindset and music boosts in this month’s highlight. The fact is, if you don’t take action now, you may never start at all. Need a boost? I’ve recorded this message for you:

Before we jump into it, I challenge you to read this with the mindset that you will make it a priority and do something every day to get closer to your goals. Ready? Let’s go.

  • I always say, “Goals are your guide posts. Not your final destination.” That’s because the path to achieving your goal is rarely ever a straight one. Sometimes, it can be affected by naysayers and doubters. If you want to achieve your goals, you have to be willing to block out the negativity. One of the best ways to do this is to learn how to speak your truth with confidence. Last month, my team and I released two dance tracks: “Glow Up” and “On The Way Up.” They not only ignite your energy but they also share a powerful message about rising above what other people think to reach your full potential.
  • Consistent action drives success. It doesn’t matter how small your steps are. Consistency is one of the things that have made Mosaic Student Communities succeed over the years. They are a property management company focused primarily on the student housing market at USC. Mosaic provides a fun, exciting, and enriching living experience for students, allowing them to thrive. They are amazing at what they do. That’s why we value their partnership and celebrated five years with them back in February.
  • Music is a powerful tool for creating culture. It influences, connects, soothes, inspires, and shapes us. It is my canvas and that’s why my team and I intentionally create music to provoke thought and serve as a catalyst for positive social change. As an artist I push the edge on topics we cover and focus on social change and cause. If you’d like to learn more about how I use my music to motivate, empower, and inspire, check out this interview I did with The Hype Magazine recently.
  • Recently, there was news of another school shooting in America. It is heart wrenching. Parents are not sending their children to school expecting they will not make it home. Teachers, educators, and more should not have to put their life on the line in order to educate the children…our future. I’m saddened and continue to be outraged at the circumstances that lead to children, teachers, and community members being killed. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. My heart aches for the losses and the trauma that the families, friends, and so many communities have to endure as a result of the senseless act of gun violence like what we witnessed in Nashville last month.
  • A better world needs a better WE. And a better “we” starts with you and me. It starts with taking action. It is our obligation to create a safe world for our children…one that is not defined by fear and the threat of violence every time we leave our homes. That’s why I recently made an impact investment with Brady. They are advocating for the safety of our children by campaigning for thoughtful and effective measures which are rational, people-first actions that can be taken – background checks for gun sales, ban access to assault weapons, institute requirements for storing firearms, and more. If our future means something to you, then I challenge you to take action in the way that resonates with you the most.

So much of what I do is directed towards boosting humanity to be better so that we can improve the world together. That’s why I support Brady. I advocate for a safe and equitable future. I use my voice, my money, my motivation, my moves, my music…and most importantly, my MINDSET as a catalyst for social change. For me, this is what it means to live “a life well-lived.” 

So, I ask you, “What does living a life well-lived mean to you?” This is a question you need to ask yourself daily. Direct your energy towards the realization of that answer. Let it drive your actions daily as you think about the kind of reality you want to build for yourself. 

To receive weekly boosts on living a #SUPERCHARGEDlife, and holding yourself accountable to your goals, join the Kwanza Jones Boost Friends™ Community. If you’re already a member, sign in, or go here to learn more. 

Who loves you? I do! 

Bye for now, 

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Upcoming:  When I think about Mother’s Day, I think of all the great Queens that have made an impact in my life and throughout history. Around this time last year, I released a song to honor the work that they’ve done to pave the way for us. In the next issue of the Kwanza Jones Chronicles, I’ll be sharing tips on how to own your power and make a difference in the lives of others. Stay tuned!

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