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It takes a lot of confidence and strength to be a Queen, and the best example in our lives are our mothers. They are our first teachers and mentors. They raise Kings. They raise Queens. They raise the world. They elevate everything. That’s why I celebrate them.

When I think about Mother’s Day, it reminds me of a core memory. One night I was sitting in the backseat of my mother’s car heading home from a late-night choir practice when my mother saw a woman sitting alone at a bus stop. Instead of passing her by, do you know what Mommy did? She stopped the car and asked the woman if she was ok, then she offered to wait at the bus stop with her until the bus arrived. It was something Mommy had done many times before. As I watched my mother with admiration, the foundation of being of service was set and the lesson was learned. 

How do you make a difference in the lives of others? Watch this video where I share how being of service to others can boost you and provide sustainable happiness.

Feeling inspired to take action? For this month’s highlight, I’ve included some boosts on different things you can do to make an impact. Let’s get SUPERCHARGED®.

  • I always say, “No one succeeds alone. Sometimes you need a boost.” You can be the life-changing boost someone needs. We are all building for a better tomorrow. That’s why my team created an article, sharing 7 SUPERCHARGED ways to be of help to others. It’s a powerful read and I encourage you to check it out.
  • This time last year, I released the official music video for the “Queen Moves Only, Mother’s Day Mix” track. An empowering song dedicated to all mothers and Queens who have taught us to be better, to be more confident, and to be more powerful. Queen Moves Only is a movement. It’s about making the moves. Whether you’re a King making moves or a Queen making moves, the important thing is that you’re taking action and you’re bringing others with you.
  • Last month, I was recognized as the 2023 Social Impact Honoree by SoLa Impact at their 2nd annual Sneaker Ball fundraiser and gala. The event was held in support of the non-profit affiliate SoLa I CAN Foundation. The Foundation works to improve the lives of South LA residents and break the cycle of intergenerational poverty by providing opportunities for education, economic mobility, and community development.
  • You may recall My Love Letter to Princeton a couple of years ago – I challenged my alma mater to be the change in the world when it comes to inclusivity. They rose to the challenge and so did we. On May 5th, José and I welcomed our friends and family from across the country to join us in celebrating the dedication of the José E. Feliciano Hall and Kwanza Jones Hall. These are the dormitories that were built after we gifted Princeton with a $20 million donation in 2019. Our gift highlights the power of POSSIBILITIES, and the promise of what diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging can bring. Some people want to tear things down, but we’re here to share and show the world that we’re buildin’ it up! Here’s to you, and me, and a future that mainstreams inclusivity.

Life is not about taking; It’s about giving what you can when you can. It’s about believing in a tomorrow that’s better than today and taking the actions to make it happen. Not only because we can, but because we absolutely must. That’s how you build a future that matters.

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Together, we’ll make something powerful happen.

Who loves you? I do! 

Bye for now, 

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Upcoming:  June is a time to speak your truth and celebrate how far we’ve come. In the next Kwanza Jones Chronicles, I’ll be sharing some tips on how to appreciate yourself and become the most powered-up version of YOU.

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