How to Empower Yourself in Different Areas of Life

The power to change your life is already within you



Do you want to elevate higher in all aspects of your life? It’s up to you to dig deep, empower yourself, and bring others along with you. In this episode, I chat with LA-based Photographer and the Founder of Creators of Color, Elton Anderson about empowerment. See how he elevates himself in different aspects of life and empowers others around him.

Photographer and Entrepreneur Elton Anderson shares how he elevates his life and the importance of elevating the lives of others. Check out additional notes for the show:

Kwanza Jones 00:01
Hey everybody's Kwanza Jones here and I am SUPERCHARGED today with Elton Anderson.

Elton Anderson 00:07
What's up?

Kwanza Jones 00:07
What's up? Okay, but I wanted to hear you say your name.

Elton Anderson 00:10
Okay. Well, I am Elton Conrad Anderson Jr.

Kwanza Jones 00:13
See, I knew he was gonna put some more stuff with it.

Elton Anderson 00:16
Here with Kwanza Jones.

Kwanza Jones 00:16
See, alright and what are we doing, we are SUPERCHARGED together now?

Elton Anderson 00:18

Kwanza Jones 00:20
You say that

Elton Anderson 00:20
Super-duper charged

Kwanza Jones 00:20
Exactly. I am super-duper charged. What's more SUPERCHARGED, than SUPERCHARGED, super-duper charged. Got it. I'm SUPERCHARGED, you are SUPERCHARGED. And that is in part, what today's episode is about, specifically about elevating everything. So that's why we're here. Because you are someone, in my opinion, who elevates everything.

Elton Anderson 00:42
Well, thank you so much.

Kwanza Jones 00:44

Elton Anderson 00:44
You know, I try to elevate and try to just bring something better to everything I'm a part of.

Kwanza Jones 00:51

Elton Anderson 00:52
That's just one of my like, personal mantras.

Kwanza Jones 00:54
Exactly. So that's why, so I'm thinking even now, for example, when you're elevating things in your business, when you're elevating things in your personal life, whether it's travel, whether it's creators of color, whether it's your photography business, whether it's just all about, you're smiling, like, wait a minute, who am I talking to, and what is happening.

Elton Anderson 01:13
I'm a little bit of a goofball.

Kwanza Jones 01:15
Okay. What you just did a photo shoot with me? So you know who I am too, which is awesome.

Elton Anderson 01:21
With you

Kwanza Jones 01:20

So when you're elevating things in your business, what does that mean?

Elton Anderson 01:24
So I think for me what, and when we talk about my business, I have two businesses.

Kwanza Jones 01:30

Elton Anderson 01:30
I have my photography business.

Kwanza Jones 01:32

Elton Anderson 01:33
Which is just myself and my name. But I also have Creators of Color. And so what Creators of Color is, goal is to do is to elevate creatives, well, you know, people of color and creative spirit as a whole.

Kwanza Jones 01:46

Elton Anderson 01:46
So I want to, I don't want to just elevate myself, you know, there's this old adage of, kind of, like lift as you climb.

Kwanza Jones 01:51

Elton Anderson 01:53
So that's, that's what the purpose of Creators of Color is, it's like to build a community, and at the same time, help elevate that community so that we're more visible not only in front of the camera, but behind the camera.

Kwanza Jones 02:04

Elton Anderson 02:04
So, that's, that's how I try to elevate things with Creators of Color. And it's been going really well, we've had a couple of panel meetings, we've had a lot of a lot of people like yourself come in, and just kind of talk about the creative process. So we don't want to know who you're dating, we don't want to know

Kwanza Jones 02:20

Elton Anderson 02:22
Like anything personal. But we want to talk about how you went from point A

Kwanza Jones 02:24

Elton Anderson 02:25
to point B, because a lot of people and I tell I tell people this all the time, Creators of Color is for my 15 year old self, who didn't know that I could be a photographer.

Kwanza Jones 02:34
Love it.

Elton Anderson 02:35
And it's also for my 25 year old self, who was working in corporate America, and didn't know that I could quit my job and then go on to be a photographer as well, so.

Kwanza Jones 02:43

Elton Anderson 02:43
If we can, you know, if Creators of Color touches those people and everybody in between, then I think that's, that's where we elevate it and that's where we rise together.

Kwanza Jones 02:52
Tell me in your personal life, and I don't know who you're dating. But in your personal life

Elton Anderson 03:00

Kwanza Jones 03:01
Okay well like, well, you answered, specifically with your travel.

Elton Anderson 03:05

Kwanza Jones 03:06
How do you elevate everything when you travel and why?

Elton Anderson 03:10
Okay, well, travel, travels become a little bit of an addiction as of late. So something that's kind of funny is that I didn't have my first passport until I was 27 years old. So that was about nine years ago.

Kwanza Jones 03:23

Elton Anderson 03:23
So I had never left the country, I had never even thought about like exploring the world. And so a good friend of mine, Jessica Nabango, she's currently on course to be the first black woman to go to every country in the world.

Kwanza Jones 03:37
Damn right

Elton Anderson 03:38
And so being her friend by a byproduct that is getting into travel. And so, you know, when I when I travel now, I've been to 68 countries.

Kwanza Jones 03:49
I love it

Elton Anderson 03:49
As of last week, I just got back from Denmark.

Kwanza Jones 03:52

Elton Anderson 03:52
And right now, I'm just trying to elevate the image of African Americans that travel because it's a lot of times where I go to a country and I'm sometimes like the first black person that they've seen. And this happened. And we went to Uzbekistan recently

Kwanza Jones 04:10

Elton Anderson 04:09
And we went to Afghanistan recently.

Kwanza Jones 04:12

Elton Anderson 04:12
I did a lot of this travel with Jessica.

Kwanza Jones 04:14

Elton Anderson 04:14
And they were just like, we've never seen an actual

Kwanza Jones 04:18

Elton Anderson 04:18
Person of color in real life. So I think, you know, I think when you turn talk in terms of elevation, is it's good to be visible, right? Visibility, it elevates. It leaves an impression on the people that we met in those different countries, because they're like, okay, I actually got to talk to another person of another race, and you just elevate culture as a whole.

Kwanza Jones 04:39
Right, really, whenever you go anywhere in the world. Oftentimes, I would hear because I've traveled extensively too, do you hear it, I don't know if you ever heard the whole ugly American concept, and people are like, oh, you're just like an ugly American.

Elton Anderson 04:52
Really, what is that?

Kwanza Jones 04:54
Well, it's more so that Americans are very ignorant.

Elton Anderson 04:56
Got it.

Kwanza Jones 04:57
Specifically because they don't travel as much, so they expect everything to revolve around them

Elton Anderson 05:04

Kwanza Jones 05:05
Or us. And it's just the only worldview. The only perspective is the American perspective. And that's not the world.

Elton Anderson 05:13

Kwanza Jones 05:12
That's not what we live in. It's not how we maneuver in the places where we go.

Elton Anderson 05:18
That's, that's very important, because what I at least try to do is try to learn how to say hello,

Kwanza Jones 05:22

Elton Anderson 05:22
Goodbye, and thank you, at least

Kwanza Jones 05:25

Elton Anderson 05:25
in a language where I go. I feel like that's at least a bit of courtesy to their country. Anything else beyond that?

Kwanza Jones 05:31
But at least you're trying and a smile goes a long way too.

Elton Anderson 05:34

Kwanza Jones 05:34
So it makes a difference, because it shows that you care

Elton Anderson 05:40

Kwanza Jones 05:41
About who they are. And there's a respect there for who it is that they are.

Elton Anderson 05:44
There is.

Kwanza Jones 05:44
So I definitely see that too. So you're elevating everything in your personal life with a lot of travel?

Elton Anderson 05:50

Kwanza Jones 05:50
Which is pretty awesome. But you're elevating others as you do it, too. Because

Elton Anderson 05:53

Kwanza Jones 05:53
You're there. And you're showing them these various experiences and you’re a representative, whether you see it or not of, you know, your country,

Elton Anderson 06:02
Yeah, you kind of.

Kwanza Jones 06:02
Yourself, your family, who you are your people, all of that other good stuff.

Elton Anderson 06:05

Kwanza Jones 06:06
Okay, so we did elevating, in, I would say not only one of your businesses, but both of your businesses too. We've talked about it a little bit in your personal and then just give us in your health and wellness or wellbeing.

Elton Anderson 06:22
Okay. Well, you know, I'm, I'm a man of a certain age.

Kwanza Jones 06:26

Elton Anderson 06:27
I just turned 36. And, you know, the metabolism,

Kwanza Jones 06:30
Man in a certain age

Elton Anderson 06:32
The metabolism

Kwanza Jones 06:31

Elton Anderson 06:33
The metabolism just doesn't

Kwanza Jones 06:34

Elton Anderson 06:35
Stick like it used to when I was younger, and so a lot of times, I have to you know, before, you know, when you're in your 20s and teens, you can eat something and still look like, you've been to the gym, you can eat a pack of donuts or Doritos and look great. And so now I'm having to become more conscious of my diet, which something I didn't have to do before.

Kwanza Jones 06:55

Elton Anderson 06:56
And that's the hardest part.

Kwanza Jones 06:57

Elton Anderson 06:58
But you know, it's really all about discipline. Because when you think about elevating one of my like, favorite like, life coaches, online life coaches, Tony Robbins.

Kwanza Jones 07:09

Elton Anderson 07:09
He talks about

Kwanza Jones 07:10
In a minute it's about to be Kwanza Jones, but we'll get there.

Elton Anderson 07:12
Yes. Okay. Alrighty.

Kwanza Jones 07:14
Okay, see.

Elton Anderson 07:14
So I said one up, you are the

Kwanza Jones 07:15
Okay, alright

Elton Anderson 07:18
But he talked about, he talked about you can change your life when you change the rituals that you're do in your life.

Kwanza Jones 07:24

Elton Anderson 07:24
And when you look at where you are like whether if you look at your bank account, if you look at where you live, if you look at your body

Kwanza Jones 07:32

Elton Anderson 07:32
It's all a result of things you've done up and to the point that you're looking at it right now. And so when I did an audit of my physical and my body, I'm like, Okay, I'm not where I want to be.

Kwanza Jones 07:44

Elton Anderson 07:44
So I said, how can I change that, and that is through ritual. So right now, I've been waking up at like, 5 AM every day.

Kwanza Jones 07:50
I love it

Elton Anderson 07:52
Because I've read that most millionaires wake up at 5 AM.

Kwanza Jones 07:54
I can tell you, I wake up at 03:30 or 04:00. So

Elton Anderson 07:58
Okay, so right, I'm trying to get on Kwanza Jones level.

Kwanza Jones 08:02
Yeah, you should.

Elton Anderson 08:02
And I'm going to spin again.

Kwanza Jones 08:03
Okay, it's OK that we are springing, because I'm going to spin right too.

Elton Anderson 08:05
So, yeah, it’s been awesome. I've been waking up at about 04:35.

Kwanza Jones 08:10

Elton Anderson 08:10
I've been getting active immediately. So I'll run. I ran eight miles, the other morning, ran six miles the other morning.

Kwanza Jones 08:18
So you talked about your nutrition and what you ate with different health and wellness and wellbeing and now you just tell me now, oh I ran 8 miles.

Elton Anderson 08:26
I'm a runner in the heart

Kwanza Jones 08:28

Elton Anderson 08:28
So, I ran in high school and all that.

Kwanza Jones 08:31
Okay, I am too, I run track.

Elton Anderson 08:33

Kwanza Jones 08:32
Yeah, so yeah, I get it.

Elton Anderson 08:35
So, um, but yeah, so just incorporating. So I'm just now I think with me, the way I want to elevate my health is through discipline.

Kwanza Jones 08:41

Elton Anderson 08:41
So it's okay, I can make a choice of what I want to eat.

Kwanza Jones 08:45

Elton Anderson 08:45
I can make a choice of when I wake up, and I can make a choice of what kind of exercises and things I do to exert the energy that I have. So you know, I'll see you at 03:30 tomorrow morning.

Kwanza Jones 08:55
Hey, yes, you will, because I will be up. Everybody who knows, we've got a lot of our teammates and colleagues here. Hey, everybody, say hello.

Elton Anderson 09:03

Kwanza Jones 09:04
You know, and Johnny you can even like span that camera around and be like, hey, turn it to yourself to everyone else. A lot of them know, they'll get messages from me, all times 2 AM, 3 AM, 4 AM, 5 AM. But just because I send it then I don't expect a respond at that time.

Elton Anderson 09:21
Fair, yeah

Kwanza Jones 09:21
But I'm able to get it out and I'm able to be so productive at that time.

Elton Anderson 09:25
It is.

Kwanza Jones 09:26
The challenge for me is when I get up, and I'm up at that time, if I'm so focused, I don't get a moment to actually stop to work out. If I don't tell myself okay, yes, now you got to stop. Now you have to go do the workout, as opposed to get up and then immediately jump into it.

Elton Anderson 09:46

Kwanza Jones 09:45
So for me when I think about it, SUPERCHARGED is about action. Whenever you're taking forward positive action. That's how you're showing how SUPERCHARGED you are. So getting up you know, going for your run or getting up, making phone calls if it's to the east coast or wherever it is.

Elton Anderson 10:00

Kwanza Jones 10:00
You're able to get so much in during that time. I am probably not the best one to follow the sleep patterns. Well, you know what it is I am a vampire. I wake up early and I go to sleep late, and it's just I haven't needed it. My dad never needed.

Elton Anderson 10:16

Kwanza Jones 10:18
And bless his heart. He lived to be 97 years old. So I'm like OK.

Elton Anderson 10:21
Well you got it in your genes, the vampire genes.

Kwanza Jones 10:22
Yes exactly. You know, I've got vampire genes, indeed. But I just find that I'm just energy all the time.

Elton Anderson 10:31

Kwanza Jones 10:30
Now, if I get four hours, that's like a sweet spot for me.

Elton Anderson 10:35
Wow, okay.

Kwanza Jones 10:36
Four to five, five is good. Eight, I really feel too groggy. Like I feel lethargic.

Elton Anderson 10:41

Kwanza Jones 10:42
It feels as if it's, yeah, it's a crazy thing. So I know all the studies out there about sleep, and it's good for you and all of these other things. But I also think there's some things where it's

Elton Anderson 10:53
You know yourself.

Kwanza Jones 10:54
You know yourself, you know, it's like, you know, yourself, so it's important to know yourself. And it's not like I'm struggling. I'm not an insomniac. But you know, when you're making your millionaire billionaire moves, what do you do?

Elton Anderson 11:06
Listen, you can sleep later, [inaudible] 11:09 to sleep, so I will be wasted.

Kwanza Jones 11:12
I'm trying to pack in as much life as I can, and as much productivity and positivity. And oftentimes, and I'm sure you may see this now with some of the projects you work on. When you're working with other people. And you don't want to be the bottleneck on so many things.

Elton Anderson 11:27

Kwanza Jones 11:27
And you want to make sure that they're able to do the things that they need to do. How do you do that? You have to be prepared, and you have to make sure then working in partnership with them. It's getting done.

Elton Anderson 11:39

Kwanza Jones 11:39
So yeah, so that's how it is. I feel like we are spin surfing on these stools.

Elton Anderson 11:45
This is fun, yeah.

Kwanza Jones 11:45
We're stool surfing, it's almost like a dance

Elton Anderson 11:47
It is

Kwanza Jones 11:47
Because part of the fitness program for SUPERCHARGED is a fitness component as I was saying to, is we will go and we do this in office who will take dance breaks.

Elton Anderson 11:58
Oh, okay, when is ours?

Kwanza Jones 11:59
It's about to be now, you know why,

Elton Anderson 12:00
Oh wait.

Kwanza Jones 12:00
Because I when I was like, our spin in our stole. That's our dance break. But we will have to get some music. We could do SUPERCHARGED we could somebody has something they can pull up. Luis has got it. All right.

Elton Anderson 12:11
He looks like he has a song that's ready.

Kwanza Jones 12:13
You can do "Blaze Blah", or you can do "Zaza" or you can do I don't know, SUPERCHARGED you can do "Ignite your life", or you can do "Turn it up". These are all songs we've written. Or I've sung or written.

Elton Anderson 12:22

Kwanza Jones 12:24
Yeah, aha cuz you know, come on creator of color. You didn't even know you just thought it was

Elton Anderson 12:27
No, I know, I will search for it

Kwanza Jones 12:29
Now you know.

Elton Anderson 12:32
I will search for it

Kwanza Jones 12:32
I is not your mama. You know what that means, I is not your mama?

Elton Anderson 12:43
I is not your mama?

Kwanza Jones 12:44
Yeah, I'm not your mama

Elton Anderson 12:46
You know what, I got that. I thought it was like something else.

Kwanza Jones 12:49
No. Well it means some stuff behind it

Elton Anderson 12:53
So I haven’t learned… I can learn an eight count. You wanna teach me something?

Kwanza Jones 12:55
Oh you can learn an eight count? Okay, here we go, come on, we’ll do an eight count. So here we go. So I want you to go in a minute. We just wanna step it, step it, step

Elton Anderson 13:07
Okay, alright

Kwanza Jones 13:09
Okay, you got this

Elton Anderson 13:10
Yeah I got this

Kwanza Jones 13:10
Here is what we do, we build on it. And now we're just gonna go from here. I'm trying to get to Blaze blah, bring it up, bring it up.

Elton Anderson 13:17

Kwanza Jones 13:17
Okay in a minute we are going to go and circle aroun. Here we go.

Elton Anderson 13:21

Kwanza Jones 13:21
Hey, see. Now we are going to bring it down. Hey.

Elton Anderson 13:29
This is more than eight count.

Kwanza Jones 13:31
But you know what, that's OK. Bring it up. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

Elton Anderson 13:40

Kwanza Jones 13:40
So how do you feel?

Elton Anderson 13:43
I didn't, I feel hot.

Kwanza Jones 13:45
You feel hot?

Elton Anderson 13:48
I feel hot.

Kwanza Jones 13:45
Well you should cuz we

Elton Anderson 13:47
I feel the blood pumping.

Kwanza Jones 13:47
We closed everything off, so we didn't mess up the sound, you know, as creator of color.

Elton Anderson 13:52

Kwanza Jones 13:53
We got to make sure we keep it correct.

Elton Anderson 13:55
We have to

Kwanza Jones 13:55
And you know why?

Elton Anderson 13:56
Why is that?

Kwanza Jones 13:57
Well, because whether or not it's actually what it should be. And I'm very curious to get your input about this. At times, you really have to do more, do better go the extra mile do all of those things, whether it's a creator of color, whether it's an investor of color, whether it's a business person of color, whether it's a CEO of color, any of those things, and it should always have to be that way. But you seem to be held or we seem to be held to a different standard.

Elton Anderson 14:24
Yeah, yeah

Kwanza Jones 14:25

Elton Anderson 14:25
The good part is that, that standard becomes then becomes normal.

Kwanza Jones 14:31
Oh, yeah. Which is wonderful.

Elton Anderson 14:31
So it's like, you know, I, we worked so hard

Kwanza Jones 14:35

Elton Anderson 14:35
To get to where we are when we're met with, you know, something that would break down. Somebody who hasn't ever been through that.

Kwanza Jones 14:42

Elton Anderson 14:44
Cause, I've definitely been and I'm sure you've been in situations where people almost lost their mind when something goes wrong. You're like, this is

Kwanza Jones 14:50
Like right, OK

Elton Anderson14:53
Literally like not even the worst thing I've seen.

Kwanza Jones 14:53

Elton Anderson 14:55
So but yeah, I love that, you know that. We tend to have that extra weight on us, because then it's a lot easier to walk when the weights gone.

Kwanza Jones 15:06
Well, you definitely build up resiliency, you build up grit, although

Elton Anderson 15:09

Kwanza Jones 15:10
Sometimes all of those things.

Elton Anderson 15:13

Kwanza Jones 15:13
It's just not always want to get to have to be that struggle. But it really depends how you look at it.

Elton Anderson 15:19

Kwanza Jones 15:19
Because it's mindset all the time it is what is your mindset. And what is the thing that you're telling yourself, because things are going to be as easy or as hard as you make them.

Elton Anderson 15:28
Exactly, that's literally.

Kwanza Jones 15:28
I always say it's not, they are no problems, they are challenges, but there are always solutions. Like in any instance, there are always solutions. And that's part of what it is, when you help elevate others, and they may be what did you say you lift as you're climbing, you're doing those things, you're elevating them and you're helping them know, no matter what they're going through, and what they're going through maybe building their business, what they're going through maybe having a challenging time in their workplace, what they're going through could be dealing with educational experiences that they want to have. It could be family issues, it could be relationship issues, it could be any of those various things. You elevate everyone in all ways. And the strength that we're able to pull from is the richness of our background, our culture,

Elton Anderson 16:12

Kwanza Jones 16:12
Our experiences that we've had, and we look at it like, okay, you know, it is what it is we just keep climbing, we just keep elevating, we stay SUPERCHARGED.

Elton Anderson 16:21
Yes, and you should always leave every room better than how you found it.

Kwanza Jones 16:22
100%. 100%, that's exactly it

Elton Anderson 16:27
Bring good energy, leave a good energy there.

Kwanza Jones 16:30
Yeah. But you know, it's one of those things because the way energy works. And I did this workshop, where it's about how you can speak volumes, without even saying a word.

Elton Anderson 16:43
Oh, yeah.

Kwanza Jones 16:44
And just by how you even walk into a room can do that, it speaks volumes, because you walk in a place. And the energy that you're exuding is saying all sorts of things to all sorts of people.

Elton Anderson 16:58
Oh yeah.

Kwanza Jones 16:57
So it's not just even what you're wearing. And you're a photographer, amongst other things, but you know, that's empowered. And so you know, on the other side of the lens, you've got the front of it, you've behind the lens

Elton Anderson 17:08

Kwanza Jones 17:09
You know, what you want to see behind the lens. So you have to communicate or want the people on the other side of the lens to communicate something with you

Elton Anderson 17:18
You do

Kwanza Jones 17:17
To you.

Elton Anderson 17:18

Kwanza Jones 17:17
And maybe you use your words to get it out of them. But they have to actually not use their words, they just have to use their self, who they are.

Elton Anderson 17:28

Kwanza Jones 17:29
And all of that. So yes. So that is our, that's the energy. It's, you know, it's what we bring, it's what you see or what you actually have to pull out our people.

Elton Anderson 17:39
Yes, a lot. Like a lot of times I try to dis, I try to disarm people.

Kwanza Jones 17:43

Elton Anderson 17:43
So if I want to get someone to laugh or to be their authentic self, it's a lot of times more about the conversation

Kwanza Jones 17:51

Elton Anderson 17:52
That you're having, that kind of gets somebody to start thinking like, oh, okay, you know, how, you know, what are you are passionate about.

Kwanza Jones 17:58

Elton Anderson 17:59
You start thinking about what you're passionate about. You just automatically get a natural smile

Kwanza Jones 18:02

Elton Anderson 18:04
And instead of saying smile

Kwanza Jones 18:05
Here I go

Elton Anderson 18:05
I can say, tell me about your latest single.

Kwanza Jones 18:08
Right, yeah

Elton Anderson 18:08
And then that will bring a whole, another emotion out, so

Kwanza Jones 18:13

Elton Anderson 18:13
You know, there's a couple little tricks of the trade as a photographer, but just as a person in general, because I feel like I am a people person first like, and the cameras just my tool to meet more people.

Kwanza Jones 18:25

Elton Anderson 18:25
That's, that's what it's always been about for me, it's never, it's never really been about, oh, making the most money as a photographer, even though it can be pretty lucrative. It's been about the art as well

Kwanza Jones 18:37

Elton Anderson 18:37
It's definitely been about the art. But I love leaving with a new friend

Kwanza Jones 18:40

Elton Anderson 18:43
With a colleague

Kwanza Jones 18:42

Elton Anderson 18:42
With a new, just somebody that I can learn from. Somebody that I can help elevate as well.

Kwanza Jones 18:49

Elton Anderson 18:49
So, you know, with finding photography as a passion, and again, I never picked up a camera till I was about 26, as well. So a lot of a lot of things happened from the age of 26 to 27. So I don't know if the people that are listening to this, if they're in that age range, a lot of good things happened to me in that age range, and I see a lot of my friends making huge life changes then

Kwanza Jones19:11

Elton Anderson 19:12
Whether it's marriage

Kwanza Jones 19:13

Elton Anderson 19:14
Or a new career or whatever. So, um, so yeah, so I think that, you know, with the, with the passion, it's and the photography and Creators of Color and anything that I do, it's always about the people.

Kwanza Jones 19:26
Right? Well, I think it has to be

Elton Anderson 19:26

Kwanza Jones 19:28
You know. Would you rather be rich in resources, or rich in finances? What would help you elevate more?

Elton Anderson 19:35
I would definitely say resources.

Kwanza Jones 19:37
Okay, tell me why.

Elton Anderson 19:39
And because resources can be so many different things. Resources can be, it's not just money.

Kwanza Jones 19:45

Elton Anderson 19:46
But it's, it is the people. It's taking what you have, and making it better. And when you know, I hate to go all the way back to like slavery

Kwanza Jones 19:57
But are you going there.

Elton Anderson 19:59
I'm taking us there, we are going back there. But when I think of like our ancestors. I think they were given the scraps the bottom of the barrel, they were given barely anything, and they turned those chitlins and,

Kwanza Jones 20:19
Its chitterlings

Elton Anderson 20:20
And those grapes and, and that strength and that resiliency, they turn all that into a culture, like where we are, you know, a byproduct of, of the resourcefulness of our ancestors. And so that's weave within us that's like a tapestry that's just weave within us. So I think resourcefulness and just, that's just something that's in our DNA.

Kwanza Jones 20:48

Elton Anderson 20:48
And I think, you know, give me a penny and I'll turn it to a million dollars one way.

Kwanza Jones 20:56
Right, or give me a networker, a connection, a contact

Elton Anderson 21:01

Kwanza Jones 21:03
A camera, something.

Elton Anderson 21:04
A camera, yes.

Kwanza Jones 21:05
The resources, an introduction. And then those things can also turn you into it also.

Elton Anderson 21:11
Turn into it, because I moved out here, I mean, I have the kind of like the typical LA story, quote-unquote, where I moved out here, with like $500, and slept on a friend's couch.

Kwanza Jones 21:19

Elton Anderson 21:19
And that was almost six years ago. And I've been able to go all throughout the world, work with so many different celebrities

Kwanza Jones 21:28

Elton Anderson 21:29
And companies of my dreams. And that was all because of resourcefulness.

Kwanza Jones 21:34

Elton Anderson 21:36
Yes, that's my answer.

Kwanza Jones 21:36
Well, I'm happy to hear that your answer. I'm not gonna say there's a right or wrong answer. But that's my answer too, I think it is, I always, always encourage people and for anyone who is out there listening and thinking that you cannot do something, because you don't have the money. You don't have the finances, you, just costs too much. You can't afford it. It's all in how you look at it. Its resources, I would always rather have resources

Elton Anderson 21:58

Kwanza Jones 21:58
Than money any day, because the resources will get you the finances and get you to the places that you need to go. And the resources will get you even the experiences that you want to have.

Elton Anderson 22:08
I mean think about the people that have won lotteries or think about MC Hammer, sorry. But

Kwanza Jones 22:16

Elton Anderson 22:15
People that have had, were rich in finances, and just didn't know what to do with it

Kwanza Jones 22:21

Elton Anderson 22:21
So, so yeah, so yeah, team resource.

Kwanza Jones 22:24
Team resource. Well, because it's also education as a resource. And even when you look at that, what how is it saying go? A fool and his money are easily departed?

Elton Anderson 22:33

Kwanza Jones 22:35
You see I said, his, because we wouldn't have any women out there,

Elton Anderson 22:37
No, okay, sure.

Kwanza Jones 22:39
Who are foolish with their money.

Elton Anderson 22:38
Sure, we'll have a feminist talk.

Kwanza Jones 22:41
Okay. You have to come back for another podcast for that one. But it's those, education is a resource now

Elton Anderson 22:47
It is

Kwanza Jones 22:48
Can be such a resource.

Elton Anderson 22:49
That's a really good question. I like that.

Kwanza Jones 22:52
Yeah. Okay. Well see, I challenge you to make sure that you're telling your friends, whatever, they're like, Oh, no, I can't do it. You know, I just I don't have it, or you're trying to move your business to another level you're like, but I need this, here I go. But you can get it. If you look at it a certain way in a different way. And you reach out you do the things you need to do.

Elton Anderson 23:08

Kwanza Jones 23:08
So here's what we need you to do. We need you to know about the SUPERCHARGED summit, because that is October 27. We want to get you involved somehow

Elton Anderson 23:19
I'm there.

Kwanza Jones 23:19
Okay. I mean because your experiences your stories, just, whether it is helping to spread knowledge to people about even from a branding perspective, because look at it, you may not be a brand architect, if you will. But you are helping people create what it is that they want to project to the world. And that is powerful in terms of what that is. And that helps elevate people's platforms. It helps elevate people in the eyes of whoever their colleagues are, in the eyes of whoever their family is, or any of those things or could be pitches for an investor that they're doing those things. So we're gonna get you involved somehow. So keep your calendar open Mr. Travel a lot.

Elton Anderson 24:05
It is

Kwanza Jones 24:05
You know, and I am, I'm, I'm gonna make us travel. I've got one more continent to go to, still lots of countries to go to, but I'm going to have all seven continents by the end of this year.

Elton Anderson 24:15
Oh, well that's, let me come with you.

Kwanza Jones 24:19
You're like

Elton Anderson 24:19
But I do want to I do want to just speak before we go SUPERCHARGED, and the excitement I have for this summit, because, um, you know, when I think about this time, this is 2018.

Kwanza Jones 24:33

Elton Anderson 24:33
Is it, right?

Kwanza Jones 24:34
Still we have a few more months to go before 19. But yes.

Elton Anderson 24:35
And I just I just think this is like the best time to be alive.

Kwanza Jones 24:39

Elton Anderson 24:40
And especially when you if you want to be SUPERCHARGED and especially if you want to use resources, because think about it. You can become, you can become famous, wealthy, being authentic.

Kwanza Jones 24:54

Elton Anderson 24:54
If you think about these kids that are internet superstars on YouTube or Instagram or Facebook or whatever, they literally have an iPhone and some free time and they're making the most hilarious videos. They're teaching people how to do makeup.

Kwanza Jones 25:10

Elton Anderson 25:10
They're teaching all these different things and they start there's, they're being resourceful.

Kwanza Jones 25:14

Elton Anderson 25:15
They have they got a little iPhone 6

Kwanza Jones 25:16

Elton Anderson 25:18
And they are making it work and I think that that couldn't happen 20 years ago.

Kwanza Jones 25:21

Elton Anderson 25:22
That couldn't happen when you talk about people building brands, so I love what you're doing. I love the message behind it and I can't wait for us to figure out some synergy.

Kwanza Jones 25:33
We are going to elevate everything together.

Elton Anderson 25:34
Okay, yes

Kwanza Jones 25:33
That's what we are going to do. I just go a little chills.

Elton Anderson 25:37
Me too, I'm chilling.

Kwanza Jones 25:38
See that's it. Well, everybody, is Kwanza Jones here with Elton Anderson.

Elton Anderson 25:42
And we are spinning.

Kwanza Jones 25:44
We are spinning in the stools, here it is, we are spinning because that's it. We already did our dance break. I like the spin now.

Elton Anderson 25:51

Kwanza Jones 25:51
But we've gotta synchronize our spin Elton. I'm gonna just scoot my spin around right here. Let me give you a hug. Oh, my gosh, that's it. You all, I’m giving everybody out there big old SUPERCHARGED hug. Stay SUPERCHARGED

Elton Anderson 26:06
Duper charged

Kwanza Jones 26:07
Super-duper charged!

[00:00] Introducing Elton Anderson

[01:20] When you’re elevating things in your business what does that mean

[03:06] How do you elevate everything when you travel and why?

[06:19] How do you elevate everything in your health and wellness or wellbeing?

[11:55] Dance Break

[15:24] Things are going to be as easy or as hard as you make them

[19:28] Would you rather be rich in resources, or rich in finances?

[23:08] The SUPERCHARGED summit


  • What it means to elevate everything
  • Why you should elevate your business
  • Why you should elevate your health and wellbeing
  • What you gain from elevating others



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