How to Take Action and Achieve Your Goals

It takes one move to get you from zero to success



Introducing The I AM SUPERCHARGED® Podcast. This series is geared towards life, achieving your goals and supplying you with that little push to help you live the most powered-up version of you.



Notice how easy it is to make power moves after taking the first step? That's what this podcast was created to help you do. To live the most powered-up version of you. The magic is in starting. Check out these notes from the show:

Hey, love. It's Kwanza Jones here. Thank you so much for tuning into my podcast. This is what I would call episode zero. Why is it not starting with the one? It's because it has not yet begun. And that's why it's episode zero. The entire point of this podcast is to let you know that you are SUPERCHARGED. This podcast is going to talk about life, achieving your goals and supplying you with that little bit of push that you need to help you live your most powered up, powerful version of you. Let's have energy, let's have impact, let's make something powerful happen. And it starts with you and me here together. I am SUPERCHARGED with Kwanza Jones.

Do you know why I'm so excited about this podcast? Quite frankly, it’s because there's so many things that if people don't hear about it, they don't necessarily think that you're doing things. And I don't subscribe to the belief that you got to tell it all, show it all, share it all, you can still be making big moves, power moves, SUPERCHARGED moves, without you having to have everyone know. But what I realized is that, oftentimes, if you don't see it, it's hard for you to believe that you can be it.

And with that being the case, I started thinking, you know, there's so many different things I do. Some people know me for music, and art, and creativity and all of that. Some people know me from real estate, some people know me being on boards of various different companies, some people know me as an investor. And I really was just like, gosh, I was talking to a colleague of mine. And she said, wow, you know, you really do a lot. And I kept thinking huh, Yeah, I guess so. But it's not that I think about doing a lot, it's just in anything, if it has to get done, you do it. It doesn't mean you do it alone, and it doesn't mean anyone ever does anything alone. But there's still moments where you gotta, you know, you got to do your part you have to pitch in. And I always say that, although it's about the team, there are some things that only you can do.

So, I realize that I would have loved to have heard from someone who had been through some of the experiences that I've been through, and that it actually is a positive thing to be able to share. It's not like saying, okay, yes, I've done all this. I've had all this or whatever, those various things, but it's really about how do you see yourself? How can other people see and take inspiration from, and where it came down to is I had a conversation with the Dean of a university. And I was saying there's so many places, I always hear about these things that people of color don't have opportunities, especially for investments, and women don't have as many opportunities for investment. And it's interesting, because I think you've got to be conscious, that the fact that all that you do makes a difference, even when you don't think that what you're doing is that big a deal. Everything's a big deal, I would say it all adds up. I can say I remember when I was going from investing $50 a month in a mutual fund. Now I invest a whole lot more than that with my initiative. And there are four pillars. It's education, empowerment, entrepreneurship and equal opportunity. But you have to start somewhere.

So it needs to be something where people understand, you've got to start, like the magic is in starting, the power is in starting. SUPERCHARGED is power. And it's about teaching people how they can find and own their power. And that's amazing to me, because at the end of the day, whether you're listening to a podcast, or whether you are hearing a song or whether you're seeing a video, at the end of the day, nothing replaces that face to face connection that people share. Nothing replaces being in a room with people feeling that energy and SUPERCHARGED is all about energy. So how do you feel that energy? How do you feed off of each other? How do you connect in a way that's going to help you elevate everything? That's when something powerful builds, that's when we can build together. And that's just it's an amazing thing. And it's something I would have loved to hear.

So maybe I learned some things, I hope I learned some things. Because there's always more you can learn, always more ways you can grow. And life is about all of that. You gotta start somewhere, you're never going to succeed if you don't start.

So I challenge you. Think about someone who you’d have wanted to reach out to, someone who you think you'd like just to hear more information from, and maybe you want them to be a mentor. Maybe you just wanted to get information about what they do. Or maybe you thought they could help you in some way. Reach out to them. And let's see what happens. take that action. That's your challenge. Let me know.

It's interesting. So many people have a goal of, I want to be rich, whatever rich is, and that rich is, oftentimes, financial wealth. And I realized that I've never thought of it that way. I have never, ever thought, I do not have enough. I would rather be rich in resources and show and teach others how they can be rich in resources too. Because that's going to help you have the wealth that you want, that's going to help you attain and gain the things that you want to do. But when you're just looking at the end of the day at, okay, what's the balance in your bank account? Do you know who's Venmo-ing you some money and they owe you this, sure, get your money, do whatever you need to do, but you cannot have that be this sole driving motivating factor. Because if it is, you will never be satisfied.

And I always say, and I was interviewing people today. I’ve been interviewing a lot of people, our team is growing and it's a beautiful thing. But I always say you can never pay for passion. Like no one can pay you enough to be passionate about what it is you're doing. And I firmly believe I am SUPERCHARGED. And I firmly believe you are too. We are being SUPERCHARGED, we are all growing together because something powerful is building. And we're here to build it, together, for you all, with all of you all and it's just so exciting. We're doing it.

Why now? Because why not now. Something powerful is building and we're doing it and we're starting here right here and we're starting it today, and we're gonna make it happen. And we're so excited to share with all of you along this journey because it's a journey. And we're happy to be on this adventure, this roller coaster ride give us a rocket fuel to the moon, power boost, that's what we got going on today.

Because something powerful is building.

[00:00] Introducing Episode 0

[00:49] Why I’m excited about this podcast

[02:59] All that you do makes a difference

[03:24] You have to start somewhere

[04:37] I challenge you to take action

[05:25] How to attain the things you want

[06:26] Conclusion


  • Why you should take action regardless of how insignificant it may seem
  • Why money should not be the goal when building wealth
  • How to get the kind of wealth you want



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