Vote SUPERCHARGED for Song of the Year!

By Kwanza Jones

Universal Conquest Awards

If you haven't already, visit to vote "SUPERCHARGED" for Song of the Year!

Don't stop there...

The Dance/Pop Diva has another nomination in Gaosalad's annual Universal Conquest Awards. Be sure to also vote "I'm a Gladiator in a Thong" as Best Lyric!

There are 5 days left to vote!

In other news, the "SUPERCHARGED" music video has been receiving a continuous stream of love across the internet, including some new fans from Down Under.

Yes, now even the Aussies will be getting su-su-Supercharged. featured Kwanza Jones and her new music video this week with their list of important (and funny) facts about the Supercharged songstress.

Check it out here.

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