Are You Ready For The SUPERCHARGED Music Video?

By Kwanza Jones

Supercharged by Kwanza Jones

"SUPERCHARGED" is the explosive new single from Kwanza Jones, and today, the Dance/Pop diva is premiering the brand new video.

Prepare for an eye-catching, Supercharged performance from Kwanza and her gang of Gladiator men. You're going to wanna watch this video more than once!

The "SUPERCHARGED" music video was produced by Mixtape Collective & Innovation Entertainment, and directed by Keith Rouster & Kwanza Jones. The full list of everyone involved in the making of the video are below the video in the credits.

Watch the "SUPERCHARGED" music video below!

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  • Executive Producer: Kwanza Jones
  • Production Company: Mixtape Collective + Innovation Entertainment
  • Producers: Chris Upton + Michael Whittle
  • Directors: Keith Rouster + Kwanza Jones
  • Director of Photography: James Hammond
  • Editors: Keith Rouster, Donnell Spencer Jr. + Kwanza Jones
  • Kwanza Kollective Style Team
  • Director/Hairstylist: Kito Jones of Lavish Hair Spa
  • Celebrity Stylist/Costume Designer: Christopher Mannor
  • Asst. Stylist: Ashley Gee
  • Makeup Artists: Robert Rumsey + Melissa Anchondo
  • Asst. Makeup: Phoebe + Karl
  • Art Director: Ipek Kemahlioglu
  • Production Designer: Eric Tabor
  • Art Asst.: Munchie
  • Choreographer: Brandon Anderson
  • Asst. Choreographer: Reegan Haynes
  • Dancers: Christian Henderson, Denzel Chisolm, Hector Silva, Marquis Cunningham, Richard Tanumi, Tyrell Washington
  • Crew & Post Production: Brice Reid, Jesse Toula, Michael Armstrong, Gaston E. Carrizo, Julien Janigo, Justin Duquette, Team Bashet, Ryo Hata, Rueben, Jess Carfagno, James Woods, Luis Sanchez, Sarah Luzietti, Lynette Johnson, Keiva Davis, Jo Steele, Jerry Steele

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