It's Ok Not To Be Ok: Practical Tools to Uplift Your Mindset Right Now ft. Omar Brownson

June 12th, 2020 | 03:00 PM Pacific Time

This year has felt like an absolute roller coaster. Sometimes we’re up, other times we’re down, and most times we’re cruising through a whole lot of uncertainty. Reality is, you’re not always going to feel SUPERCHARGED during the whole ride and it’s totally okay!

The important thing is that you take care of YOU. It all starts with your mindset. If you’re feeling metaphorically dizzy and discombobulated, then you are overdue for a mental pick me up… aka a #mentalboost!

Get your mind right by joining me, Kwanza Jones, along with my #BoostFriend Omar Brownson of gthx for a virtual boost event where we’ll share our tips for maintaining healthy mental hygiene and how you can too!

Cause that’s what #BoostFriends are for.

The zoom link will be accessible on the day of the event.

Hope to see you there!

What Went Down



Kwanza Jones:

We're about to have a take off moment. So today, we are here, with SUPERCHARGED to give you a virtual boost, with a very, very, very special guest, Omar Brownson.


Right now we're going to invite you, to check your luggage. Your emotional luggage. Because, this is a moment for us to just be present, here together.

We're here to be your guides, your stewards and stewardesses on the airplane, your pilots and co-pilots. Let the airplane hold you. This is a moment for you to be held. 

You may be carrying the burdens or the challenges of many other people right now, including your own. And so we just appreciate you just checking in, and letting this ride take off. And so today, is not just about talking about gratitude, but really feeling this self care, this well being, this boost. In your bones.

Kwanza Jones:

Let's do just a really quick self assessment of how you're feeling. How are you holding out? Are you anxious? Are you just tired and weary? Are you overwhelmed? Or are you fine?

Omar and I, in prep for all of this, were having some discussions, just trying to understand how we could get a pulse of where you all are and how you all are feeling and how we can best serve you. Because honestly, one of the best places to always be in and to think about is in being of service to people.


If you can close your eyes, or just gently rest them. I invite you to do so now.

Gratitude begins with noticing good. Each breath we take, allows us to boost our lives. That's what you are so amazingly doing, and that's what the members of your community are doing by showing up here is that they're making visible what they value. They're boosts, that their self care, that their wisdom, Frankly, I am inspired by them. I get as much out of these practices as anyone, because my hope is in New Beginnings for each of them in our country, and where we're going to go as a planet.

Kwanza Jones:

SUPERCHARGED at core, I always say it's about power. My personal motto is: own your power, live your purpose and be of service. You chose to spend time with us. And I am so thankful. And I'm thankful for Omar, and the practices that he has helped show us and the words that he has shared and the tools that He has given us. Because as you all know, we're all about the tools and how we can use these tools to help improve our lives and improve the lives of others.


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