Jump Into Action: Boost Friends Edition

Thursday, November 30th | 2PM

Kwanza Jones Boost Friends™ Community | Pacific Time

Kwanza Jones’ life mission is to boost humans and humanity to be better through self-awareness, accountability and most importantly taking action towards their goals.

Jump Into Action: Boost Friends Edition was an immersive impact driven experience that got participants to not only think about the goals they wanted to accomplish, but how they were going to actually get there through a series of carefully crafted questions. The participants had to jump through a Hopscotch™ like course to complete the experience. Each answer provided the participant with the opportunity to physically jump towards their goal on the course, all while navigating "Life Hits" setbacks and chances to advance even further because they took action with an accountability partner, because no one truly succeeds alone.

Jump Into Action: Boost Friends Edition left all participants feeling motivated that all jumps forward and back on their journey have purpose, reassured that progressive steps forward, no matter how small count, and that they can go further together with boost friends to create lasting impact.

What Went Down