Moving Forward Together (Princeton)

Tuesday, April 27th, 2021 | 09:00 AM

Zoom | Pacific Time

Didn’t get a chance to attend the event? No worries!

I know you're still actively contributing to spaces dedicated to diversity, inclusion, access and affordability and I appreciate you for that!

And luckily, on 4/27, we were able to create a meaningful space for dialogue on these topics too.

This event was an extension of our Color of Commitment. It was SO empowering to be surrounded by Princeton faculty, alum, and parents who share the same vision of Princeton as a constantly changing institution that understands the need to boost access and affordability for all students.

Of course our work is still ongoing, and things won’t happen overnight, but I'm #PROUD to be connected with people who are dedicated to making it HAPPEN!

Watch the recap of the event below!

Looking for the full, exclusive, footage of the event join me in my SUPERCHARGED Boost Friends community.

We’ll always post the full footage there, but you gotta join the community to see it.

Who loves you?

I do.

Bye for now

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