The Power of Possibilities, The Color of Commitment

color of commitment

It all starts with belief...

When I was a student at Princeton, I was interviewed and quoted by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Professor David K. Shipler, for his book "A Country of Strangers: Blacks and Whites in America."

Back then, I was frequently frustrated about the lack of inclusion, representation and opportunities for Black and minority people. Back then, I made this plea, "Can't we be included in the history books just a little bit more than just as slaves or than just during the civil rights movement?"

Essentially the issue was, and in many ways it still remains, that Black and other historically marginalized and underrepresented people of color are often left at the periphery of, or are intentionally excluded from, the American story.

That's why José and I are humbled, honored, and overjoyed to quite literally be building, multiple buildings, that represent a new narrative for so many of us.

We are writing ourselves into the history of a nearly 275 year old elite institution that, at one point, could not fathom our potential, our power, or our prestige.

We are building bridges and opening doors and creating new possibilities.

We are here, where before there were none.

And it all started with a single belief...

I matter.
You matter.
Our people matter.
ALL people matter.
My life matters.
Your life matters.
Black lives matter.

And though, historically, many would not acknowledge it. And presently, many want to deny it, I can think of no better time in the history of our great nation to celebrate this achievement.

You see, I believe in diversity, and equity, and inclusion, and belonging. I believe in you and me, and possibilities of what could be.

I also believe that, to succeed takes many things, and a boost is what we sometimes need... because, NO ONE succeeds alone.

Life is not about taking all you can. Instead, it's about giving what you can, when you can.

So here's to giving a boost, and having belief, and being blessed, and being a blessing.

Here's to believing in a tomorrow that's better than today.

And, taking the actions to make it happen.

And here's to doing, not only because we can, but building together, because we absolutely must.

Here's to staying SUPERCHARGED

And never doubting it.

Simply, just believing it.

And, here's to you, and me, and a future that mainstreams inclusivity.

P.S. The future is inevitably going to be diverse. We're just helping you get used to it. 😉

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