Reunity: The Pan-African Women's Philanthropy Network Virtual Summit

August 29th, 2020 | 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM Pacific Time

Did you go to bed early last night? What impact did getting a few extra hours of sleep have on you the next day?

How about what you choose to eat every day? What impact does a plate full of fruit have on your body over a basket of fries?

This is really what we should be asking ourselves with everything we do in our lives. What action did I take and what was the impact?

Every aspect of my life is surrounded by the impact it is going to have. That is how I choose the companies I am going to invest in, the organizations I give back to and even the companies I choose to collaborate with.

The black community still faces economic injustice and is still highly underrepresented in the world of investing…especially black women. Which is why mine and my husband’s company, KJJF, works diligently to provide funding opportunities for underrepresented groups. We know we can’t flip the status quo alone.

That’s why, on August 29th I’ll be joining Dr. Jackie Copeland, founder of the Wise Fund, for a fireside chat at Reunity: The Pan-African Women’s Philanthropy Network Summit. We’ll discuss ways to rethink the idea of philanthropy, social impact investing, angel investing, and venture capital to create a more equitable future.

Big changes are coming and we want you to be a part of it! Let’s tackle economic injustice and increase funding opportunities for the black community…together!

Click the link below to register.

What Went Down



Being multi-passionate means I've got lots of interest and have always had lots of interests. So do a lot of the people I know. But being a multi-hyphenate is when you start putting those interests into action.
That's what SUPERCHARGED® is all about. It's about inspiring action. Part of SUPERCHARGED's initial origins was beginning to change that story, change that narrative, change those sounds, change those visuals, that historically we had seen. I personally had seen in terms of how women were portrayed, how black women were portrayed. When you take foundationally, the concept of giving is to invest. The most important thing and person you should be investing yourself.
If you have a framework of how to invest in yourself, then you can use that framework of investing in others.  I take that model in that learning the ways I've invested in me, now what are ways I can invest in others. Then you have a have a blueprint. Aas you look at investing in others, and when you talk about blended philanthropy or blended investments, I look at it quite frankly, as no one succeeds, alone.
When we're looking at a post COVID world, when we're looking at even, quite frankly, a pre COVID world, and I will also add, when we're looking at moments where COVID, the pandemic, we know that has been devastating.
But we also know there are other pandemics that has been equally as devastating before COVID. And even now, when we're seeing a lot of the work that is being done around anti-blackness, and making sure that social justice movements at that pandemic, there is a cure for that, too.
That's the investment that I'm talking about. That's the investment that I'm talking about is necessary, when you say to give is to invest, because when you realize foundationally that we need each other, then you start looking and saying: How can I create an impact that is beyond me? Although I know because I've used a framework of investing in me how I can now take that and start.


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