Get a Sneak Peak of the Upcoming VICIOUS Music Video

Kwanza Jones My vicious is shatterproof

It's countdown time to the release of the new Kwanza Jones music video for her upcoming single, VICIOUS.

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Kwanza Jones

Kwanza Jones is the co-founder and CEO of the Kwanza Jones & José E. Feliciano SUPERCHARGED Initiative--a philanthropic, grant-making and impact investment organization making a lasting effect across four key areas: Education, Entrepreneurship, Equal Opportunity and Empowerment ( Prior to founding the SUPERCHARGED Initiative, Jones taught cross cultural negotiations at New York University, was a mediator for the New York City Civil Court, and started her career in media and production at Innovation Empowerment Group. She is also the founder of SUPERCHARGED ® by Kwanza Jones--a lifestyle & personal development brand that helps individuals and organizations continuously improve. (

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