It’s Here! Watch the VICIOUS Music Video Now.

Kwanza Jones You can't handle my vicious

Sasha may be fierce but Kwanza Jones is VICIOUS! From “ass, ass shakin’” to out of control beats, her intensity is undeniable. Watch the fire hot video for her electrifying new single, "VICIOUS," produced by Innovation Entertainment, and directed by Kwanza Jones & Keith Rouster.

This video showcases 4X Billboard charting dance/pop powerhouse Kwanza Jones and her dancers performing some of the most jaw-dropping and stimulating dance moves that we’ve seen from her.  You're going to wanna watch this video more than once!

When fierce isn’t a strong enough word, it has to be VICIOUS.

Watch the "VICIOUS" music video below!

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  • Executive Producer: Kwanza Jones
  • Production Company: Innovation Entertainment
  • Directors: Kwanza Jones + Keith Rouster
  • Director of Photography: James Hammond
  • Assistant Director / Producer: Jon Kondrath
  • Music Producer: Luke Tozour
  • Editors: Kwanza Jones + Donnell Spencer Jr.
  • Production Coordinator: Shannon Lewallen
  • Stylist / Costume Design: Christopher Mannor
  • Costume Design / Seamstress: Mary Jo Wong
  • Hair: Kito Jones of Lavish Hair Spa
  • Makeup: Melissa Anchondo
  • Asst. Makeup: Phoebe Dawson
  • Choreographer: Phlex
  • Assistant Choreographers: Mizue Saruwatari + Maki Saruwatari
  • Assistant to Choreographer: Tracy Rangel
  • Dancers: Michael Silas, Jae Fusz, Valentino Vladimirov, Antwon Collier
  • Crew & Post Production: James Reid, Joe Segura, Hunter Sandison, Ben Booker, Katie Rieck, David Perkins, Julien Janigo, Ryan Heuter, Hitoshi Tomonori, David Smart, Luis Sanchez, Marielle Woods, Lesley Lopez, Jon Blue, Lynette Johnson, Keiva Davis, Eric Latour, Abe Curammeng, Konstantinos Margaronis, Jerry Steele

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Kwanza Jones

Kwanza Jones is the co-founder and CEO of the Kwanza Jones & José E. Feliciano SUPERCHARGED Initiative--a philanthropic, grant-making and impact investment organization making a lasting effect across four key areas: Education, Entrepreneurship, Equal Opportunity and Empowerment ( Prior to founding the SUPERCHARGED Initiative, Jones taught cross cultural negotiations at New York University, was a mediator for the New York City Civil Court, and started her career in media and production at Innovation Empowerment Group. She is also the founder of SUPERCHARGED ® by Kwanza Jones--a lifestyle & personal development brand that helps individuals and organizations continuously improve. (


  1. Trish Garcia-Burk on at

    Brittany Cannon, this is my friend Kwanza from college. Check her out. And since you want to do music………

  2. Stephanie Stevie Kellum on at

    Are you gracing my red carpet Saturday night at Faces in Sac. please say yes! Next Best Bartender filming starts at 5.

  3. R Andrew Daniel on at

    it’s AMAZING, Miss Kwanza!!

  4. Mike Boogie on at

    very kool !