7 Powerful Ways to Be A More Confident Self-Assured Queen

By Team Kwanza Jones

how to become a more confident queen

Hey Queen.

You’re a muthaf*ckin' classic!

No really. Do you know how powerful you actually are?

When was the last time you boldly looked in the mirror and told yourself that you were ALL THAT and a bag of chips?

There is no one out there like you so it’s time to start treating yourself like the timeless gem that you are.

The next time you step into a room; walk in there as if there's a crown on your head and you are holding your head up high. That’s what we call #QueenMovesOnly.

And...it happens to be a song too.

Your confidence is just one piece of the puzzle. You don’t need to be a millionaire or a celebrity...you can make Queen moves no matter where you are on your journey.

You’re probably thinking, “Uh, yea...easier said than done.”

It’s a long road to self-confidence. Believe me, we know! But all of that self-doubt ends today because we’re going to show you how you can be a more confident self-assured Queen. And what better way to start than during Women’s History Month?

Here are our 7 golden rules that every badass boss should live by:

1. Follow Your Path

Listen. So many people are going to try to write your story for you but remember that YOU are the author of your own life. Do what YOU want to do. As the boss Queen, Kwanza Jones always says, "you know you best, you know you always." No one else is going to do you like you do, so live your life for YOU...not other people.

2. Set Your Own Rules

Kwanza has rules for her private jet. She also has rules for how people interact with her. The rules you set for yourself will help you hold yourself and others to a certain standard. When you adopt this mindset, you will always have power in a situation and never be the victim. This is what truly helps you develop your true superpower so that you can come out ruling on top.

This brings us to rule #3.

3. Own Your Power

What does this actually mean? We all have power but some people just don’t know how to tap into it yet. This is all about to change for you Queen, and we’re only on rule #3.

Kwanza was talking to someone the other day and they called her “cute.” She had to tell them, "don’t call me cute! I’m a Queen, not a Princess." Do you know why she said that? Because she makes Queen Moves Only.

People will only do to you what you allow.

Would a powerful Queen tolerate anyone talking or behaving crazy towards her? HELL NO...she wouldn’t. And you shouldn’t either. Own that power, set your boundaries and protect yourself against the haters, naysayers, and energy vampires. You’ve got too much shine to let yourself be blocked by the shade.

Watch Part 1 of this 'Behind The Lyrics' video for the TLDR version 👇🏽

4. Make An Impact

As Queens, are we constantly working on ourselves? YES. Are we taking action every day by making boss moves? YES, times 2! But with all this self-growth, we can’t forget about the impression we’re leaving on the world. What effect do your actions have on the next person? What are you working towards that is going to leave a positive impact?

It’s all about being intentional with every move you make. Think about it. The Queen is the most powerful piece in a chess game. She has all of the tools she needs to win; she just needs the right strategy. One wrong move can cost the game. We're not saying that you can’t make mistakes...we’re human. We're saying that the moves you make matter, so make them count!

5. Bring Others With You

Queens don’t just lift themselves up; they lift other Queens too. Kwanza always says, "No one succeeds alone...sometimes you need a boost!" It doesn’t matter how successful you are, everyone needs a boost to get where they’re going. Someone helped you move forward somewhere in your journey, so why not do the same for others?

You can start by uplifting a Queen you know with this limited edition Queen Moves Only set.👑

6. Make Sure Your Team is Aligned

Have you ever heard the term, you are who you hang around? If the people around you are energy vampires who don’t see your vision...they don’t need to be on your team. Cutting loose ends can be challenging at times, but those people are only going to hold you back on your path to Queendom. You’ll find others along the journey but not everyone will make it to the destination with you. Lucky for you, we know a group of fearless queens who support each other’s growth and push each other to the next level.

Can't get enough of Part 1? Here's Part 2! 👇🏽

7. Invest in Yourself

You’ve followed your path, made your mark on the world, and curated the perfect team for you. Now it’s time to put all of that energy back into yourself. And no, we don’t mean buying the latest designer shoes or cashin' out on a brand new car. All that is fine, but what’s going to give you a return on your investment? What will give you that extra leap toward where you want to be? It’s time to invest your time and money into things that are worth your while.

Bottom line, Queen Moves Only is in your walk, talk, and actions. Follow these golden rules and you’ll always be the badass boss queen you were meant to be.

Remember this. You are Strong Enough. Smart Enough. Bold Enough.

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