Kwanza Says: Get Off Your Butt and Fail!

By Kwanza Jones

Kwanza Says: Fail Better

Too often we don’t do something because we’re concerned that we might fail. But what if failure is the secret ingredient that leads to success? In many ways it is.

- Having to recover from failure can increase your competitive drive and your resilience...

- Having faced failure you learn what hasn’t worked which leads to trying something different...

- Viewing failure as an inevitable step means you’re more inclined to take risks and work harder.

Ultimately, if you’re failing it means you’re doing things and not wasting time waiting for something to happen. This act of doing is a necessary step toward success.

I think you get the point. The single most important thing you can do is something. Lots of people have an idea but an idea without action is like trying to breath without inhaling. You’re not gonna get too far.

Who cares if you fail? It’s all about the recovery.

Happy New Year! Don't do well on your past failures. Continue to push toward your future successes!

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