Love in Action: A Letter of Gratitude to Kwanza

By Team Kwanza Jones

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Dear Kwanza,

For this month’s blog, we (Team Kwanza) wanted to take a beat. Just a few minutes to not ask you for anything, but rather, to pen a love letter for you. Amid the hustle and bustle that life oftentimes demands of us, we want to take a moment to honor you and all that you are, a moment to share light and love for you - as you do for so many others in this world. As we sit down to write this, our hearts are overflowing with admiration for the love you embody in every act of service, every moment of connection, and every opportunity you create for others.

You always show up as YOU. In turn, you inspire us to show up for ourselves.

The Mountain Is You

The recent "Dining with the Diva's" event at the legendary Apollo Theater served as the prime example—a testament to your mission to uplift, empower, and inspire individuals and communities. Your action fostered positive change and equity through energetic cultural engagement, community empowerment, and strategic capital investment.

Witnessing the transformative impact it had on the students from Bennett to Spelman, giving them a “seat at the table” (literally), was the realest form of selflessness and act of service that someone can do. Bringing together the vibrant spirits of these young minds, offering them a glimpse of their own potential, was a breathtaking display of possibility. In your words and actions, we see the full embodiment of what it means to "Power Possibilities."

What a historical moment to highlight, as a fearless Black woman, to bring together the two HBCU all-women universities during Black History Month, to the “Soul of American Culture,” The Apollo Theater. Following your vision, we will ensure that this is the stepping stone to a continued experience with SUPERCHARGED for these students because we believe in the power of self-reflection, mentorship, and collective action.

We won’t forget the heroes who came before and paved the way for you to create your lasting impact. The ones who fought for justice and equality, even when it seemed impossible. Historical moments like the Greensboro sit-ins, primarily in the Woolworth store—now the International Civil Rights Center and Museum; To the unseen Bennett Belles who Initiated the 1960s sit-in movement of Bennett College—they all blazed a trail that we're still walking today. Their courage, their commitment; Your courage, your commitment - it's what inspires us to keep pushing forward, to keep fighting for what's right.

Legacy: “I always think in decades.” - Kwanza Jones

Your father’s legacy is something truly special. His employment agency, his law offices—they were more than just businesses in Harlem; they were vessels of hope, places of support and community. Your father’s influence on you, Kwanza, is palpable. His lessons on the importance of taking action and doing things NOW, combined with your mother's lessons about the importance of helping others so they can learn to help themselves, have shaped you into an extraordinary force for good in this world.

We remember the story you shared of how your dad would always take you to The Apollo to see shows. The fact that you performed at The Apollo's "Amateur Night" speaks volumes about the richness of your upbringing and the values instilled in you. Now, you're carrying on that legacy in the most impactful way possible.

It's truly a full-circle moment to hear about these memories and now seeing you on the board of directors at The Apollo. We know you operate from a place of gratitude. We know The Apollo is not just a venue. For you, it's a way you say “Thank You” to your dad, to honor and continue his legacy. It's a symbol of how far you've come and how much you've achieved.

Kwanza, our fearless leader… We are inspired by the way you continue to shatter ceilings, push the envelope, and change the norm of every place and space you walk into. The way you gracefully push the boundaries in culture, and our communities inspires us to go above and beyond in the service of humanity. Your journey hasn’t been easy, but we have seen you move every mountain that’s placed in front of you with energy and impact and have watched you turn your crutches into a cape to become a superhero in the eyes of those you connect with.

You are the full embodiment of what it means to be a “Queen.” So, as we wrap up this letter, we just want to say thank you. Thank you for the love you pour into us, for the energy you pour into your mission, for the honesty you bring to every challenge, and for the way you never stop fighting for a better world. You remind us that love isn't just a feeling—it's a force for change, a spark that ignites transformation. Love is an ACTion.

With all our love and gratitude,

Your TEAMILY #TeamKwanza

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