275 Years in The Making – Princeton University names dormitories after Black and Latino donors

. May 20, 2023

Kwanza Jones hall dedication at Princeton University

Source: UrbnSocial

Kwanza Jones, CEO and Artist of SUPERCHARGED, and José E. Feliciano, Co-Founder and Partner of CLEARLAKE CAPITOL

In a ribbon cutting on May 5, 2023, the prestigious Ivy League Princeton University named two dormitories after Black and Latino alums and donors José E. Feliciano and Kwanza Jones.

Kwanza Jones (Princeton ’93) wrote a heartfelt letter to Princeton in 2019 conveying disappointment in the University’s lack of advancement. Woodrow Wilson, our 28th US President and the former president of Princeton University, continued to reign proudly on markers throughout the campus. His racist ideology and push for segregation are part of history. The symbolism of his name around the campus represents dark times, so a color-conscious decision was made. The generous donation of $20 million from Kwanza Jones and José E. Feliciano (Princeton ’94) coins a promise to push forward change.

“We see this gift as the color of commitment. It also demonstrates that people of color belong and we are at the table to help the university to continue to do the work of anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion.”

Kwanza Jones

“This is the most iconic representation of the genius of American intellectual traditions contributing toward the expansion of a better world,”

said Dr. Michael Eric Dyson (Princeton ’93)

Kwanza and José have done more than talk the talk. They have erected a building that is a lasting monument to the beautiful creativity of equity.

The newly built dormitories sit on the very spot where José and Kwanza went out on their first date, further symbolizing the equity, diversity, and inclusion that Princeton University should represent.

Congratulations to both Kwanza Jones and José E. Feliciano for this recognition. “Kwanza Jones and José E. Feliciano are life and business partners. In 2014, they founded the Kwanza Jones & José E. Feliciano Initiative (Jones+Feliciano), a philanthropic grant-making and investment organization that strategically partners with nonprofits and for-profits to ensure maximum impact.”