A SUPERCHARGED Track For The Online Gamers

. July 3, 2013

Rush Bros Kwanza Jones

Since the release of the SUPERCHARGED album, music from Dance/Pop artist Kwanza Jones has made its way to clubs, gyms, festivals, charity events, and even a morning talk show. Now, one of Kwanza’s high-energy dance tracks will be featured in the Rush Bros Beat Battle video game.

Rush Bros Beat Battle is a Platform Racing Game infused with pulse-pounding music. Last month, several artists competed through Reverbnation to have their music featured in the game. Voting is officially over now, and Kwanza Jones is one of the top 5 winners, thanks to all those who voted!

Which song off the SUPERCHARGED album was chosen for the game?….

Vicious“! The edgy single has not only been a fan favorite at her live shows, but Kwanza Jones will be releasing the music video within the next few months.

To play Beat Battle and listen to music from all the winners, visit: