Divas of the Girls 4 Boys Club Tour get down on the Edge

. September 21, 2011

Kwanza Jones feature Edge San Francisco

Kwanza Jones is “making you think again”on the Fame Column with BeBe Sweetbriar of the EDGE, San Francisco.  Gearing up for her performance  at The Crib in San Francisco as the first leg of her Girls 4 Boys Club Tour, Kwanza is droppin’ it like it’s hot—her music that is.

Blazing through the fierce and feisty lyrics of Think Again and Supercharged, BeBe shows you how the words will ‘hit it on the spot’ with boundless beats that speak out loud the things that just “needs to get said.”  With a wonderland of mixes to choose from by DJs like Mike Rizzo (Grammy nominated), Alex Cohen, Eddie Elias, Jamie J. Sanchez, and DJ Lynnwood, you are sure to find your favorite flavor of Think Again.

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