Keeping Up With Kwanza: September Recap

. October 2, 2013

Kwanza Jones September Recap

Goodbye September! Hello October! It is officially time to start planning your Kwanza Jones Halloween costume, but before you go searching for a pink ponytail and sexy leather shorts, you might want to hold out and wait to see what Kwanza has in store for the upcoming month. A new release??!! You’ll have to stay tuned, but in the meantime, read on for a recap of September’s happenings.

Let’s rewind and take a moment to Keep Up With Kwanza:

Kwanza Jones Brought Her Vicious Energy to the Mountain: On Friday, September 20th, Six Flags Magic Mountain and DJ Ray Rhodes presented OUT On The Mountain. It is an annual private dance party where you can enjoy your favorite rides and see awesome performances all in one place. One of those awesome performances was from Dance/Pop diva, Kwanza Jones, who kept the crowd hyped with her dance singles, “Supercharged”, “Vicious”, “Turn It Up”, and “#StopHate”. Each of the tracks can be heard on the SUPERCHARGED album, available on iTunes and most digital music outlets.

Kwanza Jones is a Woman of Substance: We all love a good pop record, but let’s face it, we are sometimes guilty of singing along to those songs that make absolutely no sense at all or have a not-so-positive message behind those catchy lyrics. It happens. It takes a special songwriter, however, to have you feeling empowered and ready to hit the dance floor at the same time, and that person is Kwanza Jones. This month, Women of Substance Radio added Ms. Jones to their rotation for her dance-worthy, anti-hate anthem, “#StopHate”.  To listen to Women of Substance Radio, click here.

NEW VIDEO ALERT!: Rumor has it that Kwanza Jones will be releasing her single, “Vicious”, very soon. The music video is set to be released in the upcoming weeks, as well. If you’ve already heard the track, then you know Kwanza will be serving nothing but diva realness in this video. Keep your eyes on the Kwanza Jones Facebook page and be sure to follow her on Twitter for more updates!

Check back soon for more news!