Kwanza Jones Releases A New Track Titled “More Now Than Ever,” An Anthem For Resilience and Strength In Times Of Crisis

. August 29, 2022

More Now Than Ever Press Release

Nine-time, top 10 Billboard charting dance music artist, Kwanza Jones, released her new track titled “More Now Than Ever”.

The song was written to express the pain and distress caused by the events that have occurred throughout the year. From the war in Ukraine to the continuous mass shootings in the United States, these events have caused a lot of fear, panic, and uncertainty in the hearts of many.

The top ten Billboard dance charting singer, songwriter, arranger, and producer, developed her sound centering around themes of empowerment. Jones always writes her music from a place of consciousness and awareness. She is well known for her SUPERCHARGED® attitude and passion for boosting humans to be better and improve the world around them. “I boost humans and humanity with culture, through music, motivation, and media”, said Jones.

In 2019, Jones released a single titled “Problem”, encouraging people to take action by forging a way forward with liberty, civility, equity, and justice for all.

Jones is the founder and CEO of SUPERCHARGED by Kwanza Jones, a media company that produces inspiring, motivational content coupled with an impact-oriented community. The company’s foundation is built on the fact that no one succeeds alone – sometimes you need a boost.

The new track is an anthem of empowerment, providing resilience and strength to people in this time of uncertainty and crisis. It may become the push that people need to take a stand and make a difference. “It’s a war out there, what can we do about it? Find a battle cry and go and shout it”, said Jones in the song.