The SUPERCHARGED Life: Boost Your Power & Purpose

By Team Kwanza Jones

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When amazing things happen, it sparks energy igniting moments of celebration and inspiration.

Recently, our leader, Kwanza Jones and her partner in business and life, José E. Feliciano had a historical moment in their lives.

Both proud Princeton alumni, they became the first people of color in Princeton’s history to have two dormitories named after them! It’s a game-changing achievement that shows us all what it means to “own your power” and “live in your purpose.” That’s something Kwanza says often. But as she also says: it’s not just lip service. The queen not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk.

Let’s dive into this historic moment to discover how it can motivate each of us to embrace our power and purpose, just like our leader Kwanza Jones.

Power Up Your Life

Kwanza is a powerhouse. She is the SUPERCHARGED spark that boosts others. The multi-hyphenate artist, philanthropist, catalyst and more, uses her art and access to amplify voices and issues that may otherwise not be heard. In celebration of the Princeton Dedication event that took place at Princeton University, she surprised us with a new take on her original track titled, “We Buildin’ (Reggaeton Mix).” Kwanza wants us all to know that she has one job - to BOOST humans and humanity.

She uses her influence and resources to uplift marginalized communities and create positive change. Kwanza wants everyone to recognize and embrace their own unique power. Supercharging your power means tapping into your strengths, talents, and abilities to make an even bigger impact on the world around you.

Boosting Your Purpose

Kwanza and José’s journey shows us the power of boosting your purpose. They both pursue their dreams with a passion that forever changes stories and lives. From excelling academically and artistically to making a difference through philanthropy, they’ve shown that living your purpose brings immense fulfillment and makes lasting impact. But here’s the secret sauce – they don’t do it alone. As our leader always says, “No one succeeds alone. Sometimes you need a boost.” They share their journey with Boost Friends™.

Kwanza Jones Dorm Dedication
Kwanza Jones and José E. Feliciano at Princeton hall dedication ceremony

Inspiring Others to Boost Their Power

The story of the Kwanza Jones and José E. Feliciano halls is an inspiration for us all. They dreamt it and then they did it. It’s a call to embrace our unique power and purpose. It’s a reminder that our background, identity, or experiences should never hold us back from reaching our full potential. Instead, they should be the fuel that ignites positive change and helps us achieve our dreams. Kwanza and José’s incredible journey teaches us that when we live authentically, fearlessly pursue our passions, and have the support of our Boost Friends, we can create an incredible impact on society.

Embracing the Journey with Boost Friends

Boosting your power and purpose doesn't happen overnight. It requires self-reflection, determination, and truly understanding yourself. We need to challenge norms, break barriers, and inspire those around us. Kwanza Jones and José E. Feliciano's story reminds us that our personal journey may have challenges, but when we own our power and live our purpose with the support of our Boost Friends, we can pave the way for others to follow.

The Princeton dorms are just one chapter in the story of Kwanza and José. This historic and SUPERCHARGED milestone shows us that we can create an amazing path for ourselves and inspire others along the way if we take action. So let's get SUPERCHARGED and boost our purpose. Queens and Kings aren’t born. They’re made. Everyone has their story. Are you ready to embrace yours?

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