The SUPERCHARGED Life: Harnessing the Power of Your Mind

By Team Kwanza Jones

power of the mind

Picture you being the ultimate version of yourself, ready to take on a new adventure filled with endless possibilities. With each passing day, you're learning, growing, and conquering fear and doubt. You're always excited for what comes next. THAT is what it means to live the SUPERCHARGED® life.

You are SUPERCHARGED. Don't doubt it. Just believe it. So, how can you tap into this power you already have and use it to level up your life? One of the key ways to do this is by fixing your mindset and seeing things differently. There are three ways you can do this.

Fix Your Face

You heard that right! Fix your face. In this case, your face is a metaphor to describe how your mind is. Do you always look grumpy, uninterested, or angry? Your face is the physical representation of what’s going on inside you. It is like a canvas that tells a story to those around you. What story is it telling?

According to the SUPERCHARGED Queen, Kwanza Jones, “Fixing your face is a way to instantly adjust your mindset.” If you want to live a SUPERCHARGED life, you’ve got to fix your face and change your mindset. You have to understand that you control what it is that you put out in the world. You are in control of your own story. In life, if you want to win people over, you’ve got to put your best foot and face forward. Fixing your face is the first step to getting your mind right.

Say No To The Negative

A positive mind is a healthy mind. Embrace the power of positivity. There’s no point in holding onto something that only brings you down. Learning how to stop being negative will get you in the right mind space and boost your efforts as you build the SUPERCHARGED life that you want.

A great exercise to help you get rid of all the negativity is to figure out the root cause. Most of the time, the negativity we feel comes from some of the people around us. In order to get rid of that type of negativity, you have to understand the difficult choices to make and work on clearing it out. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

Need the inspiration to work through the difficulty and build that SUPERCHARGED life? Listen to this:

Go From Attitude To Gratitude

A SUPERCHARGED life is a happy life. One of the key elements to being happy is to be grateful. Our leader, Kwanza, leads her life with an attitude of gratitude and that’s exactly it! It’s important for you to build an attitude of gratitude, especially in challenging situations.

The fact is that there will always be difficult situations. What matters the most is how you respond to them. You have the power to see problems as challenges, and mistakes as lessons. These challenges and lessons can be used as a stepping stone to achieve your goals. Instead of allowing your challenges to get the better of you, be grateful for the opportunity of growth that it presents.

Sometimes, you may feel bitter and negative inside. Going from attitude to gratitude can help when dealing with such feelings. It’s also important to be grateful for the little things in your life. When you do this consistently, it will eventually become second nature to you.

If you can work on these tips and turn them into habits, you’ll be able to build a world with endless possibilities. But don’t stop there. Sign up for the Kwanza Jones Chronicles and receive more tips on how to live the SUPERCHARGED life from your billionaire Boost Friend™, Kwanza Jones.

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