Four-sight for the Future: The 4 Ways Kwanza KNOWS She Can Change the World

Life & business strategist Kwanza Jones

Sure, whenever you hear Kwanza’s name you think a lot of things: Investor. Philanthropist. Music Artist. Gladiator in a thong.

But did you ever think about the guiding principles that get Kwanza out of bed every morning feeling fabulous, energized, and ready to CRUSH the day?!

Well, if you’ve ever listened to Kwanza, you already know that she believes in setting goals. Big ones. Little ones. They’re all important because, after all, without an endpoint in mind...where are you going?

Today, we’re going to give you the inside scoop into Queen Kwanza’s psyche. Her four principles, which she and her husband José uses to guide the Kwanza Jones and José E. Feliciano’s SUPERCHARGED Initiative (KJSI), are not simply meant to be cookie-cutter concepts that fly in one ear and out the other.

Oh, no—that’s NOT the way Kwanza rolls. If she’s spilling the tea, there’s a REASON for it. And her reason for letting you in on her four visions for the future? To inspire you to share them with her. With more Boost Friends™ like you on her side, Kwanza’s vision for a better future can *actually* become reality.

1) Education

Even if you weren’t great at math in school, you still can understand that easy accessibility + high quality = great education. Unfortunately, Kwanza knows that’s not the case everywhere for every person.

Luckily, Kwanza’s out to change that with her first guiding principle. She firmly believes that if we’re not dedicating our lives to lifting others up, then what are we doing? Her billions aren’t dedicated to things without purpose—KJSI invests with impact. The receipts? Over $25 million committed to educational institutions and empowerment organizations. And, if that kind of investment doesn’t guarantee our country a better, more equitable future, then what does?

2) Entrepreneurship

If education drives our future but our education system is flawed...then what is our future?

KJSI happily invests in companies that provide opportunities to individuals with diverse backgrounds and groundbreaking ideas so that the future of American businessmen and women is more inclusive.

Not only is Kwanza changing lives and the face of American business, but she’s also vetting business values for you. In other words, if Kwanza Jones invests in building the future of a business, they’re a business you can trust.

Even though you might not be able to invest millions, there is still so much you can do to change the future of business. Be intentional about where your money goes. Are the businesses you’re supporting helping or hurting others? Are they ethical? Do they offer opportunities for underrepresented groups?

3) Equity

Not everyone’s willing to recognize that where you’re born and what you look like do affect the opportunities that are presented to you. Luckily, Kwanza’s no shy lady. She’s ready to #CallOut inequality when she sees it, and use her money to fill in gaps that are holding others back.

Kwanza knows a future that’s full of inequity is not one she wants to live in, so each and every day she makes decisions to change that. Do you?

4) Empowerment

Ok, ok, we know. If you’re a Kwanza fan, this is nothing new. After all, Kwanza fully embodies personal empowerment and growth, right? But when we’re talking about empowerment in terms of building a better future for humanity, this topic becomes a whole lot deeper.

Without equal access to opportunity, without high-quality can people feel confident enough to take big risks that have BIG payoffs. Kwanza created SUPERCHARGED to get away from cookie-cutter quotes and fake mentors. If you don’t take action, then nothing will change. That’s why KJSI boosts businesses and organizations the way it does. To empower us all to take action so that we can create a lasting impact and improve the world...together.

Now you can see what charges Kwanza up every morning and keeps her going.

But, as you already know, Kwanza doesn’t believe in letting her Boost Friends sit back, relax, and stay average. So now it’s your turn. Take a sec and think...what does your ideal future look like? On a personal, communal, and societal level?

Got it?


Now go out and make it a reality!

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Kwanza Jones

Kwanza Jones is the co-founder and CEO of the Kwanza Jones & José E. Feliciano SUPERCHARGED Initiative--a philanthropic, grant-making and impact investment organization making a lasting effect across four key areas: Education, Entrepreneurship, Equal Opportunity and Empowerment ( Prior to founding the SUPERCHARGED Initiative, Jones taught cross cultural negotiations at New York University, was a mediator for the New York City Civil Court, and started her career in media and production at Innovation Empowerment Group. She is also the founder of SUPERCHARGED ® by Kwanza Jones--a lifestyle & personal development brand that helps individuals and organizations continuously improve. (