7 SUPERCHARGED Ways to Be of Help to Others

By Team Kwanza Jones

help others - Boost Leadership Series with Kwanza Jones

Have you ever had a moment in your life where someone was there boosting you, when you didn’t think you could make it?

Even the most independent person needs a little help sometimes. No one succeeds alone, sometimes you need a boost!

People don’t realize how MAJOR their ability to boost others is. Even if you’re still learning and growing, you have the power to uplift the next person and be a healer and helper. Rising tides lift all ships.

What are YOU going to do with all that power?

When people say, "Hey, how are you today?" Kwanza Jones always says, "I am SUPERCHARGED®." You see, SUPERCHARGED means to supply with extra energy and power. That’s the values Kwanza shares with members of her Boost Friends™ Community. At our core, we are full of energy and power. So when someone feels down, they always have a group of people who want to see them back up and winning.

As much as it’s important to trust and rely on yourself to get through, at the end of the day, we’re human and we can’t get through everything alone. There’s absolutely NO SHAME in asking for help, even while you are helping others.

We all have a limited time in this world. Knowing that, what do you want your end to look like? How are you going to contribute meaningfully and leave your mark?

Here are 7 SUPERCHARGED Ways to be of Help to Others

1. Regular Check-Ins

A simple check-in with someone every now and then does more than you know. People go through things all the time that they don’t share. When you’re in a bad place, it can feel lonely there, so dropping a quick text or a phone call to check in with someone can make a big difference. It can be the boost they need on their journey to success.

2. Share Resources

Being a resourceful person is a massive win. Kwanza always says, "I'd rather be rich in resources." Building your network is a big part of the Kwanza Jones Boost Friends™ community. Sometimes you may know of a connection that someone else needs but doesn’t have yet. Share it with them! You’re boosting two parties who can benefit from connecting with each other.

3. Share Opportunities

Similar to the last point, this one’s all about OPP-OR-TU-NI-TIES! Sometimes they can be a bit tricky to come by. If you come across an opportunity that you think will help someone else, like a job or an upcoming project, always share it. It could completely boost someone’s career.

4. Share Work on Social Media

It may seem like a small gesture but sharing someone’s work on social media means it may land on the eyes of the exact person who can impact their life in a big way. Always show some love and support.

It’s that simple!

5. Be Compassionate and Understanding While Helping

Being helpful and compassionate go hand in hand. You have to be understanding of the next person’s circumstances in order to help them get from where they are to where they want to be. You can’t expect the same things from everyone, circumstances play a big part in the opportunities you receive in life.

6. Don’t Compare any Two Journeys

We’re all on this wild, crazzzy journey and we all have a lot to learn. All of your experiences are what make you…you. Making someone focus on what they don’t have instead of helping boost them while they find their way does more harm than good. We should encourage others, not make them feel bad about their situations.

7. Help Others Own Their Power

You are SUPERCHARGED. Don't doubt it, just believe it. When you believe it, you have the power to help others believe it too. Always try to help people see what is attainable. We all can have it, you just have to put in the work. Sometimes we have to help others help themselves. Remember to always help yourself too! You cannot pour from an empty cup.

We buildin’! That means celebrating all of the things we collectively do. We’re all building for better, so let’s share our tools and help each other along the way.

Kwanza always shares her tools and tips with her Boost Friends, and you’re more than welcome to join the community of go-getters. Together, we can elevate EVERYTHING!

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