The Kwanza Jones SUPERCHARGED Wake Up: 4 Myths That Get In The Way Of What You Want

By Kwanza Jones

4 Myths That Get In The Way Of What You Want

If you get what you want, will you be ready for what you have?

That's the question I asked myself as I began creating my new podcast: The Kwanza Jones SUPERCHARGED® Wake Up.

On its surface, it’s easy.

You want wealth.

Through hard work, luck, gift, chance, etc. you get it.

Now that you have it, it’s not at all what you expected or were prepared for.

We’ve all heard it.

Money can’t buy happiness...yet for so many of us, that’s a primary motivator.

My mission is to help boost you into figuring out what goals you value in your life, how to get there and find success in a way that actually fulfills you.

You've got to figure out what you really want.

Because wealth is more than just money, it’s having an abundance of things that are important to you.

I believe in substance over the superficial which is the main motivator behind this new podcast. I want to help you cut through the superficial to get to the substance.

Together, we’ll figure out what’s in the WAY so that you can figure out your WHY.

Here’s what to expect:

This podcast will be part rant, part experiment, part advice, part education, and 100% realness.

First on the agenda is to ditch the most common self-limiting myths you tend to believe.

Myth #1) Money will solve your problems

You should already know that money CAN'T buy happiness. But why, then, do so many of us still frame our lives like it can?

I always say, I’d rather be rich in resources than in money.

Crazy coming from a multi-million dollar investor right?

But it’s simple.

If the money goes, your wealth is found in what and who you know. ⠀

The best investments I’ve ever made have been instrumental to my success today and they have nothing to do with the money.

Ready for another self-limiting myth?

Myth #2) You should only pursue ONE thing.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

I, myself, am MANY things. A billboard charting artist. A multi-million dollar impact investor. A CEO. A lifelong learner AND mentor.

In short, I'm a kickass badass multi-passionate, multi-hyphenate who makes #queenmovesonly while being a boost friend™.

But did I become them all overnight? No.

Were all these things easy to become? HELL, no!

Did they all come to me after lots of hard work and lessons learned? ABSOLUTELY.

You see, you CAN do it all. You just need a sprinkle of inspiration and a plan of action to back you up.

Myth #3) There are secrets to success

We all have this misconception that there's some big secret to success that somebody's hiding.

And that's simply not true.

The #REAL cold hard truth is, there are no secrets. There's just KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge that successful people have, but, for whatever reason, tend not to share.

This may be your first time getting to know me, but let me tell you, I'm NOT the secret keeping type who’s going to let you fall down.

I'm more of the "let me share my tools and help you win" type.

And THAT in a nutshell is what this podcast is: A time for me to let my hair down, take off my sparkly gladiator leotard, and get real with you.

Because if I don't give you the knowledge you need to get what you want out of life, then I'm failing at my own life mission.

The Kwanza Jones SUPERCHARGED Wake Up is a series of #RealTalk that will help you design the life you REALLY want, not the life you *think* you want.

"Wait said what now?"

Let me explain, with the final myth we'll bust in my podcast.

Myth #4) Your dreams will come true.

Too many times, I see people chasing dreams they think they want.

They "want" to be an entrepreneur ...when really they just want to drive a fancy car. Or they "want" to be a singer ...but really they just hate working in a traditional, non-creative 9 -5.

You see the problem? 9 times out of 10, your own dream is what's missing the mark and it’s time to wake up. A goal without a blueprint is just a dream.

Case in point: If you continually confuse your petty wants with your purpose, you'll NEVER be happy.

But don't panic because I’m here to help with a little tough love.

This podcast is NOT meant to build on your fantasy.

It’s meant to help you re-install your foundation and show you what’s actually attainable.

Together, you and I will work to dig deep inside to see what you really want, and what your values actually are, so that when you're ready to set and get those goals, you're 100% HAPPY with the results. Need more motivation?

Check out the Kwanza Jones SUPERCHARGED Wake Up trailer video.

Are you ready to level up your life?

I thought so, Boost Friend.

Consider this your official invitation to Season 1 of the Kwanza Jones SUPERCHARGED Wake Up.

Who loves you?

I do.

Bye for now,
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