3 Reasons You NEED to Make Black Music Month Count

By Team Kwanza Jones

black music month

Happy June y'all! Or...better yet ...happy Black Music Month! The month was officially declared by President Jimmy Carter back in 1979 to appreciate and honor the Black community's contributions to music. Because, if it's got a beat that makes you move your feet, or a rhyme that defies time, chances are, it was inspired in some ways by the Black Community.

As you all know though, Boost-Friend billionaire, billboard topping artist, gladiator in a thong Kwanza Jones doesn't just "pop on here" to remind you what month it is. Oh no! She always gives you a motivated WHY. And her WHY of Black Music Month is way bigger than dance breaks or fast rhymes.

It's a game plan to build long-lasting, nationwide equity and inclusion.

From her Year of Forward Thinking - Princeton campaign to her LA Tech Cares Initiative to connect underrepresented students to wifi, Kwanza spends her days practicing what she preaches. And now, it can be your turn to do just that too! Because no one can boost the world alone, and all meaningful change and progress starts with just one person's idea.

3 Reasons to Make this Black Music Month Count

1)  Music is a Universal Language that Can Educate and Inspire

Everyone knows that the Black Community pioneered rap, hip-hop, gospel, R&B, jazz, and the blues... but what about musical theatre, Rock n' Roll, and EDM?

In the words of President Joe Biden on the first day of Black Music Month: "Black music has shaped our society, entertained and inspired us, and helped write and tell the story of our Nation. The creativity and spirit of Black music is everywhere, and our Nation and the world are richer for it."

The TLDR version? Black Music digs wayyyy deeper than what meets the eye, and this month signifies the sacrifices and dedication of Black Artists throughout our nation's history.

Biden reminds us that Black creators are the gateway to our past, present, and future, and they should be celebrated everyday; NOT just the few short days of Black Music Month.

In short, Black Music Month is a reminder to "recommit ourselves to advancing racial equity for artists - and for everyone." So let's make sure we do that in our homes, schools, businesses, and communities by educating others and starting the important conversations. #ThanksBiden

2)  The More we Celebrate POC - the Closer we All Become

Black Music Month is not only a great time to educate and empower, but it's also a crucial opportunity to close gaps of misunderstanding and ignorance - because after all, ignorance is what breeds long-lasting inequity.

If more Americans actively work to understand and appreciate Black Music and creators, then more POC will be invited to ALL the tables that matter. And the more tables POC creators are at, the closer we get to closing the equity gap in education and financial opportunity.

3)  Knowledge is Power

The more we understand our past, the better we can set up our future. Black creators especially have a history of being underpaid, under appreciated, and underrated, so this month let's let them be known. Let's give credit where it's due because our majority minority future can't afford any less!

Black Music Month Sound Off!

Alright Boost Friend fam, we hope we did more than educate you on Black Music Month today - we hope we INSPIRED you to GET inspired! So now, you’ve GOT to be a part of the conversation. Connect with @kwanzajones on Instagram and let us know: What will you do to honor Black Music Month? What initiatives will you put into play to make a more colorful, equitable tomorrow?

We can't wait to hear all about it! Because the #werk for a more inclusive and equitable tomorrow starts with dedicated Boost Friends like you!

Until next time,

Team Kwanza

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